Colby Covington unsure if he ever fights ‘brittle little b*tch’ Jorge Masvidal

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Former interim UFC welterweight champion, Colby Covington certainly isn’t hedging his bets on a future grudge match with two-time title challenger, Jorge Masvidal — claiming that the Floridian’s side is holding up negotiations and thus hampering any potential future pairing.

Covington, who most recently featured at the beginning of this month, headlined UFC 268 against common-foe, Kamaru Usman at Madison Square Garden — dropping his second undisputed title challenger in the form of a unanimous decision loss.

The defeat came as Covington’s second against the defending welterweight champion, following a fifth round knockout defeat back in December of 2019 — in his first challenge at undisputed welterweight spoils.
For Masvidal, the veteran American Top Team staple and former training partner of Covington has been out of action since his second career loss to Usman — dropping a massive second round knockout loss to the Auchi native at UFC 261 back in April.

The Miami native was slated to make his second Octagon walk of the year on December 11. in a potential title-eliminator against the #3 ranked, Leon Edwards, however, earlier this month, reports emerged confirming that Masvidal had suffered an undisclosed injury — forcing him from the bout. 

As a result, speculation began to mount that Covington and Masvidal would finally matchup next, and serve as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, with the former claiming inside sources at the Coconut Creek facility had informed him that Masvidal had suffered broken ribs.

With fans eager to see the two former friends and teammates finally settle their differences inside the Octagon — Masvidal has claimed he would still prefer to fight rival, Edwards first, but if that reworked pairing failed to materialize, he would then switch focus to Covington.

However, according to Covington, he remains unhopeful that he’ll ever score a grudge match with Masvidal. And believes while the UFC may be interested in booking a bout between the two next year, he doubts it occurs.

To be honest, not really,” Covington told MMA Fighting reporter, Mike Heck when asked if he was hopeful of fighting Masvidal soon. “It will only be because of one side, that’s his (Jorge Masvidal) side.

This fight was supposed to happen for eight months last year so I’m not gonna get my hopes up,” Colby Covington explained. “I could give a f*ck less about fighting this guy. He’s a bum. He’s a f*cking street Judas journeyman. He’s got 20 f*cking losses. I don’t give a f*ck, dude. This guy sucks, I’ve been beating him up for the last eight years and I used to leave him unconscious in our living room, for free.

I have nothing to prove,” Colby Covington continued. “I already know my legacy, I already know what I’ve done in this sport. I’m just gonna keep evolving, keep getting better, and keep lining them up and knocking them down. One by one, I’m gonna keep winning and then I’m gonna go get my belt.

As far as Covington is concerned, however, the ball remains in Masvidal and co’s court if they wish to score a fight with him, maintaining he has done everything possible to fight him.

I can’t control if guys don’t want to fight me,” Colby Covington said. “What can I do? I’m just gonna keep making the best fights that the people want, that the UFC wants, and if it happens, it happens. But I’m not gonna get my hopes up. I could give a sh*t less if it happens.

If (Masvidal) doesn’t want to fight me, goes into retirement, or just leaves the sport forever because he’s a little brittle b*tch, big deal,” Colby Covington said.


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