Combat Sports – List with Different Types

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Sports always holds the major part in understanding what is teamwork and sports also plays an important role in maintaining the health and fitness of our body. No matter whether it is indoor sports are outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, baseball, etc. Baseball is obviously an interesting outdoor sport which is quite familiar. Mattinglybaseball helps you get more interesting facts on baseball.

Most of the people have confusion between the indoor, outdoor as well as the difference between the combat sports. Is combat an outdoor sport? How it is played? Despite of all those questions that combat sports have been subject to due to the multiple physical injuries that can be generated by the fight between two people, these sports disciplines add more and more fans to practice them and specialists to support them for the promotion in recent years of important values such as solidarity and respect among opponents.

What are combat sports?

It is a contact sport between two people, who fight each other, supported by certain techniques and tactics with the purpose of defeating the adversary, who will have unpredictable reactions within a safe field of action. These sports disciplines are governed by rules of conduct and time to ensure the physical integrity of each competitor. The techniques developed by each opponent during combat are strikes, grip and the use of weapons.

Types of combat sports

Combat sports can be divided into two categories, the Olympians, who use more defined techniques and with greater restrictions. Non-Olympians are mostly self-defense martial arts in which the individual reacts more emotionally and can make use of various tools to defeat his adversary.

• Boxing: It is a discipline of combat sport, in which two opponents fight with their hands protected by gloves and trying to neutralize the other with their blows. Only the use of the hands is allowed, both to impact the opponent from the waist up, to defend themselves, and it will be practiced in a safe environment with well-defined rules.

• Mixed martial arts: physical discipline predominates in this discipline because it is a form of combat for self-defense. Kicks, punches and various techniques will be used to kill the enemy.

• Kickboxing: This sport combines techniques of box, karate, and taekwondo. Competitors wear gloves during the fight.

• Sanda: is modern martial art, which has improved defense techniques using kicks and punches.

• Full contact: it is a martial art where fists, kicks and some techniques combine karate and Taekwondo.

• French boxing: here all western boxing techniques such as grip and use of the legs are excluded, you will only fight with your hands and feet.

• Sambo: it is a modern self-defense discipline, it is part of competitive wrestling but it is not categorized within the range of Olympic sports.

• Eskrima: also called kali, it is a fight of Filipino origin and is based on the fight with wooden sticks or melee.

There are other types of uncommon non-Olympic combat such as the Leonese fight, puroresu, bando-kickboxing, Kendo, Krav Magá, Grappling, and Muay Thai. Combat sports have managed to professionalize over time, including more sporty and less aggressive techniques. This type of sports activities has grown vertiginously in recent years, to the point of incorporating movements of some fighting disciplines in the fitness area, to keep fit, while reinforcing the daily training.


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