Combate Global 37 Weigh-in Results

Miami, FL– The fighters hit the scale in light of tomorrow’s Combate Global 37: Gomez vs Reyes fight card.

The fight card will feature a main event at 145 lbs between Cuba’s Luis Gomez (9-5) vs Javier Reyes (13-3) out of Colombia and a co-main event between Melissa Gomez (debut) vs Jharley Reyes (debut) and a featured men’s bout 125 lbs between Pablo Caballero (8-8) vs Ernesto Ibarra (6-1).

Below are the final weigh-in results.

Luis Gomez (148.2 lbs) vs Javier Reyes (144.6 lbs)

Melissa Gomez (105 lbs) vs Jharley Reyes (105.2 lbs)

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Pablo Caballero (125 lbs) vs Ernesto Ibarra 125.2 lbs)

Jimmy Sandlin (166.2 lbs) vs Ivan Castillo (167. 4lbs)

Jose Zarauz (135.8 lbs) vs Jordan Espinoza (135.2 lbs)


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