Combate Global results: Lopez vs Alday

FightBook MMA has your official results for Combate Global: Lopez vs Alday.

This event aired live on Univision and TUDN USA in the U.S. and on TUDN MX in Mexico from Univision’s studios in Miami, Fla.

Former champion José Alday entered the cage hungry, and he showed it by defeating his opponent Marcos López at 57 seconds in the first round by TKO.

Lopez came in to take the fight at the last minute, but his services weren’t warranted as Alday put his trip to Miami cut off by landing vicious knees that left referee Alan Abeles to call the fight to 57 seconds in the first round.

Jordan Beltrán (10-6) vs José Zarauz (21-7-1) fight bantamweight at 153 pounds

In the first round, Beltran opened with a kick, but Zarauz quickly went to the lano. Towards the latter part of the episode, Beltran used his wrestling to control the fight.

In the second round, Beltran came on fire asking his opponent to step up his fighting game. Zarauz accepted the challenge, but it did not favor him.

Beltran cornered Zarauz with an uppercut that put his opponent to sleep leaving the referee with no choice but to stop the fight at 1:15.

Beltran defeated Zarauz at 1:15 in the second round by technical knockout.

Yajaira Cunningham (2-2) vs Ana Palacios (5-1-1) weighing bantamweight at 110 pounds

Cunningham tested Palacios by taking some shots in the standup.

However, in the second round, Palacios had the advantage working on the ground connecting from the gound and pound position. Cunningham kept bringing him back where Palacios was looking for submission. The Nicaraguan survived to reach the final of the fight.

In the final round, the fight went to the ground in the middle of the round, but with about a minute, Cunningham was for the last unleashing a fury of gunfire.

The judges gave the victory to Ana Palacios by decision of the sentence.

Main Card:

Jose Alday defeated Marcos Lopez to 57 seconds in the first round by technical knockout.

Jordan Beltran defeated Jose Zarauz at 1:15 in the second round by technical knockout.

Yajaira Cunningham defeated Ana Palacios by unanimous decision.

Preliminary Card:

Martín Justiz defeated Dany Daniel González by split decision.

Ramiro Jiménez defeated Michael Rodríguez 1:07 in the first round by technical knockout.


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