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By: R Eric Ellsion

MMA fighters rise and fall on seizing the moment. With so much energy and eyes on Conflict 22′s Fight Club Series III, you almost could’nt ask for a better place to make a debut. Enter US soldier Jairo Lopez, who is doing exactly that on November 8th in Columbia on this fantastic card. We had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Jairo abotu this fight, MMA, and much more.

Be sure you check the bottomof the article for a link to the full fight card and information!

#1 R Eric Ellison: Alright, so,  the first question I have to ask is, what is it like to be fighting for Conflict MMA?

Jairo: It feels awesome to be fighting for Conflict. I remember sitting as a fan in the stands at Conflict 18 enjoying the fights and now I will be showing people what I’m about.

#2 Heading into the cage, what has 2014 meant for you as an emerging fighter?

This is my debut fight entering the cage as an amateur and to be honest I never thought I would be fighting in a cage, but I thought that I needed to challenge myself into doing something others fear to do.

#3 Who are some major influences on your life that motivate you inside the cage and out?

Some major influences for me would be my coaches at FudoShin, family, friends, and most importantly my three beautiful daughters back in Florida. All their support and belief in me has definitely inspired me to strive for greater.

#4 How has fight camp been?

Camp? At FudoShin MMA it’s more like workout from hell. Coach Darrin has pushed myself and my peers to reach new potentials. The intensity of the camp has prepared me for this fight.

#5 When you sit back and look at this upcoming clash at Conflict 22, what are some of the challenges you see that get you excited for this fight?

The main challenge that I see coming into this fight is nervousness. Its my first time stepping in the cage so it’s to be expected to have this challenge.

#6 Can you tell us a little about your team and where you train?

Our team has fighters that have previously fought in Conflict. We all train at FudoShin Juijitsu MMA in Columbia SC. We are huge on not being easy on one another when it comes to training, but still a family at the end of the day. There’s been times where myself and Michael Whaley have sparred when we had nothing left in us. As a team we manage to still keep the team motivated and determined to never give up!

#7 What is your favorite Martial Art?

I would say Muay Thai would be my favorite one as of right now.

#8 With so many people heading to Columbia November 8th for this card, if you could leave one impression on all these fans on fight night, what would you want it to be?

The impression I want to leave on the fans would be that FudoShin is nothing to be taken lightly. We are all about destruction when it comes time to step in the cage and represent our Art.

#9 As always, we would love to hear about anybody or any sponsors helping you get ready for this one.

Well first it would be my coaches and FudoShin; Coach Lance, Coach Darrin, Coach Wiggs, and Nate (our Muay Thai coach). I would also like to acknowledge Palmetto Nutrition,  one of our sponsors!

#10 Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about this epic battle headed our way. Last question; what are your goals after Conflict 22 on November 8th in Columbia?

My goals after Conflict 22 is to keep training and growing with the sport. I love to train and it’s a part of my life now.   I can see myself on future Conflict cards, and cannot wait to get this moving.


For the full fight card go HERE.

Conflict #22 “Conners vs Vasquez” is the 3rd part in the Fight Club Series out of Columbia, SC. Come out to enjoy the best MMA action in the cage in the Southeast! Tickets can be purchased by calling 843-603-1115 or by going online to www.conflictmmapromotions.com!

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