By: R Eric Ellsion

Finally landing firmly home in the strawweight division at 115 pounds, “The CrAsian” Nguyen looks to tie on the tapestry of MMA history her own patch, and that journey continues November 8th at Conflict 22 in Columbia, South Carolina. Nguyen knows she hasn’t completed her journey to a pro career just yet, and Fight Club series is the perfect place to hone her skills before turning pro next year. With a stacked 2015 ahead, Andy sits down with us to talk Charity Walker, what it means to fight, and much more!

#1 So Andy, tell us a little bit about how you got onto this third installment of Conflict MMA’s Fight Club Series?

I love fighting for Conflict. I love Jared Williams & Andrew Stokes, they are such great guys. I think they enjoy me as a fighter as well, so everyone wins!

#2 Charity Walker is a champ, well known, and gritty as hell on fight night. What excites you about facing someone like that?

Fighting a champ doesn’t bother me. Obviously weight classes doesn’t either. Good luck to both of us. Just as long as we are getting out the cage safe to continue on what what we both love to do, I’ll be happy.

#3 On the same night, the first ever WMMA 115 title will be up for grabs. That’s got to be exciting to see.

Yes, I saw that title on the line. I like both girls. I’ve only fought Ashley.. and I thought it was an early stoppage. I’ve fought Alexa and been dropped more than once, ya know? But Darr has been working on her ground so it should be very exciting!

#4 Here’s a good one; what have you learned about yourself this year as a fighter?

It’s ALWAYS a learning process….. It never ENDS.

#5 Lot of hype and eyes on this event now with a Conflict record shattering 5 WMMA matches on this Nov 8 card. I can’t even recall the last regional card that had that many. How does that feel to be a part of something unique like that?

I’m very happy to be fighting on a card this exciting. WMMA has come such a LONG WAY. I can tell you this, it’s a whole other kind of ladies night!
#6 So I’m sure by now you’ve played this bout through your mind. Tell us, how’s it going down in Columbia at Conflict 22?

I have…. I’d rather go in with an open mind because it’s a fight. ANY damn thing can happen. Even the impossible, ya know?

#7 After a big fight like this, what’s your favorite thing to do after its all said and done?

I always celebrate, win or lose. I love the people, and the people love me too.

#8 Anybody special or sponsors that helped you get ready for this fight?

Of course. You know I always promote it big. DFFD from Ohio with Paul Hjeduk• DDM HOMES by Melvin Fields• Derek Eason Landscaping!

#9 I always like to ask a random question, so heres one for you Andy. What was your first car and what happened to it?

My first car was a Lexus.. It was my moms, don’t get too excited. We sold it. RIP!

#10 Thank you for the time as always Andy, its only fitting to give you the last word. So, tell these why they need to be in Columbia, Sc on November 8th for Conflict 22!

All I have to say is NONE OF THESE female fighters GIVE UP! We Fight with HEART!

Don’t miss all the action November 8th at Conflict 22: Conners Vs Vasquez! Be sure to check out the full card here!

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