By: R Eric Ellison

Fight Club continues to bring great fights to the fans, and solid fighters to the cage. Recently, a scheduled bout between cousins Michael Whaley and Joel Jackson was sidelined, leaving both without an opponent. In comes Paul Teague, no stranger to the Maint Event Fitness Center. Teague, on short notice no less, leapt at the opportunity to return to the Conflict cage in Columbia and be a part of these intense Fight Club shows. Now not only has Conflict 22 kept Joel Jackson on the roster, it’s actually added yet another great upcoming ammy to the show. So, sit back and enjoy a bit of a closer look at this newest match to be announced for this Saturday’s Fight Club Series III!

Joel Jackson – Charleston, South Carolina – Out of: Charleston MMA

For those who do not know, Joel Jackson in an absolute athlete. His natural skill and prowess make him a perfect fit for martial arts, and his time in MMA has been one of learning and growth. Well known on the regional circuit, with battles inside several promotions, Joel Jackson brings that intensity and grind that draws fans into the action. Always gunning for the win, and never slowing down, Jackson makes it a point to let everyone in the building know that he came to fight. With most of his fights ending in the first round, there can be no question that this Charleston whirlwind brings the action right from the opening bell. Joel continues to hone his craft, and a win over a fighter like Paul Teague will certainly push Jackson further up the southeast ladder.

Paul Teague – Union, South Carolina – Out of: Darrell Webb Amateur Boxing/ T&S Martial Arts


Paul Teague is an interesting fighter. He has become known regionally for calling his own fights ahead of time, and so far, has been right all but a single time. The last fight Teague had at Fight Club Series he predicted, on camera, that he would win in 30 seconds. He won his fight that night in 32 seconds. Prior to that he did nearly the exact same thing, but called for a split decision victory, which he got. For having debuted into the sport this year, Teague has gone a long way. His involvment with the Fight Club Series has further highlighted his potential, as well as brought numerous new fans. “The Ninja Turtle” is one of South Carolina’s most exciting rising ammy’s, and a few more solid wins over fellow fireballs will all but cement Teague as a future champion in the Low Country and beyond.


Photo: Conflict MMA/ Georgia MMA

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