Conor McGregor and His Side Passion for Horse Racing

Conor McGregor is an Irish UFC champion that has a lot of passions and mountains that he’ll like to conquer, and one of them is horse racing. It seems like he has real Irish blood running through his veins since he has expressed his love for horse racing a couple of times.

Ireland, being close to the UK, is one of the first countries that accepted horse racing in the 16th century. In fact, the first race entitled the governor of Derry was held in 1603. As the 17th century progressed, races in Ireland became more competitive and organized, especially under the rule of King Charles II which introduced us to the valuable King’s plate races.

Ireland has a rich tradition with horse racing, which developed a passion for the sport for many Irish people, including the trash-talking UFC champion Conor McGregor.

McGregor grew up in Dublin, and he said that he enjoyed riding horses as a hobby before he became the face of UFC.

Nowadays, he is a businessman and a fighter and probably doesn’t have a lot of time for riding horses. However, since he is quite unpredictable, who knows if he won’t suddenly show up in the headlines of Kentucky Derby news.

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The 13th Jockey Promotional Videos

However, he is not shy about sharing his passion for the sport with the world. We’ve seen this publicly a couple of times like the announcement of the World’s Richest Horse Race at the time, the Pegasus World Cup in Florida.

In a series of controversial films shown in 2017, McGregor has announced that he plans to ride in the $12 million events, calling himself “king of the sport of kings” which is something to expect from the Irishman.

He even drew a parallel between him and Alexander the Great, as he is there to conquer the sport.

To promote the event, even more, he added that he wants to participate in the horse race naked. “I want to ride bareback” telling his trainer. In the video, we’ve seen McGregor riding a horse in a stable yard with almost no clothes.

Obviously, he didn’t participate in the event and all of these videos were only for promotion on the “13th Jockey” event.

McGregor and Horse Racing

His passion for the sport goes back to his younger days when he rode horses in Ireland. However, he added that since he became a professional fighter, he doesn’t have a lot of time for casual horse riding.

However, he loves watching and betting on horse races. He added that he has been winning a lot of money in horse racing betting. He also goes to horse racing events very often, “I go all the time. We love to win money at the races still” he said.

Conor McGregor is known for his flamboyant lifestyle where he spends a lot of money on things. One of them is horse racing betting. His passion for the sport led him to the horse racetrack, and once you are there, it is hard to resist wagering on some horses.

A couple of years ago, the Irishman managed to win £17,000 betting on the most popular race in the UK the Grand National after an each-way bet on favorite Blaklion. In traditional McGregor fashion, he caused quite a stir showing up on the racing ground with an unbuttoned shirt showing flashing his tattooed torso.

Obviously, he is a very enthusiastic person when it comes to horse racing, especially for big events like the Grand National, Breeders’ Cup, or the Kentucky Derby. It is great to see other world-renowned athletes supporting horse racing and spreading awareness about its beauty.

Such things make horse racing even more exciting, just because most people would agree that horse racing is more than just the race. It is the fashion, the people, the prize purse, horses, emotion, and atmosphere that make horse racing flourish in its best colors.


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