Conor McGregor claims Khabib Nurmagomedov might not get so lucky the next time he is ‘trapped’

Former two-weight UFC champion, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor has once more aimed barbs toward arch-rival and former undisputed lightweight champion, Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov — claiming that the now-retired Khabib may not be so lucky the next time he is “trapped” — appearing to refer to the pair’s involvement in the UFC 223 bus incident in the Barclays Centre back in April of 2018. 

McGregor, who hit the headlines last week, appeared to mock the passing of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov due to a brief battle with COVID-19 complications, when he questioned Khabib if the novel coronavirus was good for “defeating” his “evil” father.The former lightweight and featherweight champion deleted the tweet afterward, as well as a post made last July following the passing of Abdulmanap, where he offered his condolences to Khabib and the Nurmagomedov family. 

Appearing on former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson’s podcast, Hot Boxin’ this week, Khabib gave his thoughts on McGregor’s decision to tweet about his late father, calling him “dirty” and suggesting the Dubliner was drunk at the time of the post.

My dad (Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov) was on a different level [than me] with his situation (involving Conor McGregor),” Khabib said. “He always, like — his heart was so clean, you know. And when he (McGregor) talks about this (Abdulmanap’s passing),  you know — only evil can talk about your father, like (your) wife, kids, religion.

Like, If you’re a normal human, you’re never going to talk about this stuff, you know” Khabib explained. “Like, for me, I think he (McGregor) posted this tweet, like he drunk too much or do something (else). And then next day — he always deletes his tweets. And when he becomes normal in life (sober) he thinks, ‘Oh, what I did?’ (sic). And he deletes, this is my opinion on what he do (sic) all the time.

In response to a clip posted by the Hot Boxin’ Twitter page last night, McGregor posted and deleted a tweet where he referenced Tyson prior to his boxing match with Lennox Lewis in which the former champion proclaimed he wanted to “eat” Lewis’ children, before warning Khabib that if he were to be “trapped” again — he may not be so lucky this time.

I wanna eat his children!!!!” McGregor posted in a now-deleted tweet. “When’s the last time he’s (Khabib Nurmagomedov’s) even seen them actually? His wife? Mother? How bout (about) you go spend some time with your kids and family for a change and keep my name out of your mouth b4 (before) you get trapped somewhere again you mightn’t be so lucky next time.

It appears McGregor is referring to the bus incident which surrounded UFC 223 back in April of 2018, where the former threw a moving dolly through a bus window that was situated in the loading dock of the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York.

The bus contained red corner fighters including Khabib, strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas, upcoming UFC 265 feature, Michael Chiesa, and promotional alum, Ray Borg. 
Attacking the bus in a bid to lure outrival, Khabib, McGregor, who had been joined by a large group of his entourage eventually left the loading dock before he was subsequently arrested by law enforcement. 

During the build-up to their UFC 229 grudge match that October, McGregor heavily referred to the bus attack, claiming that Khabib had elected to stay on the bus rather than confront him.


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