Conor McGregor earns more from endorsements than any other athlete – on average $117 million more

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Connor McGregor is the athlete earning the most money from endorsements according to new data, earning over $150 million outside of the Octagon.

By analysing the earnings of the biggest active athletes around the world OLBG can today reveal the biggest sports stars who are earning the most money from endorsements only. They discovered that the former MMA champion earned an incredible $158 million in off-field earnings, more than $60 million than the second-highest earner, Tennis superstar Roger Federer – $89.97 million.

The report also disclosed that Conor McGregor, Roger Federer, and LeBron James all earn over $50 million in off-field endorsements.

Read the full breakdown in the report here:

The biggest off-field earners:

RankAthleteSportTotalOn-field earningsOff-field earnings
1Conor McGregorMixed Martial Arts$180.00m$22.00m$158.00m
2Roger FedererTennis$90.00m$0.03m$89.97m
3LeBron JamesBasketball$96.50m$31.50m$65.00m
4Tiger WoodsGolf$60.00m$0.20m$59.80m
5Naomi OsakaTennis$60.00m$5.00m$55.00m
6Cristiano RonaldoSoccer$120.00m$70.00m$50.00m
7Kevin DurantBasketball$75.00m$31.00m$44.00m
8Phil MickelsonGolf$41.00m$1.00m$40.00m

The biggest sponsors in sport:

RankSponsorNumber of athletes
42K Sports6
5AB InBev5
5Beats Electronics5

Further findings:

  • Conor McGregor was found to have the highest off-field earnings by over $60 million – with his closest competitor, Roger Federer earnings just under $90 million in off-field earnings
  • Nike is the brand that is sponsoring the most sports stars with 16 of the worlds biggest athletes under their brand, and with athletes such as LeBron James, Kevin Duran, Serena Williams and, Cristiano Ronaldo they are clear pumping billions to acquire the best of the best
  • Roger Federer doesn’t even need to play any more tennis according to the data. With only 0.03% of his 90 million dollars inearnings coming from his tennis exploits, he could live the same life he loves now on his endorsements alone.
  • Conor McGregor and Roger Federer were the only two athletes to earn over $80 million with third place LeBron James joining them as the only athletes to earn over $60 million dollars in off-field earnings.

You can view a full breakdown of the report here:


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