Conor McGregor offers €50,000 reward for information following firebomb attack on Dublin pub

Conor McGregor
Mandatory Credit: David Fitzgerald – Sportsfile

Former duel-weight UFC champion, Conor McGregor has offered a reward of €50,000 for information following a firebomb attack on his pub, the Black Forge Inn back in January, where a bottle containing an accelerant was thrown over the rear gate of the Crumlin premises. 

McGregor, 33, posted CCTV footage on his official Instagram account yesterday before it was subsequently deleted – offering a reward of €50,000 for information regarding the January attack on the public house.

“Hey guys. I have a 50k reward cash in all 100 crisp untouched notes,” Conor McGregor posted. “Not a wrinkle on them. The no-wrinkle green backs. I call them yum-yums. For whoever tells us who this little deli-chicken head is.”

In the footage captured by CCTV, the suspect – sporting a hooded tracksuit, can be seen making his way through a back laneway at the back of the Black Forge Inn, before throwing a lit bottle of accelerant over a rear gate of the property and subsequently fleeing the scene. Nothing will be said, but done. Reach out to who can reach me. Look forward to doing business.” (Transcribed by Irish Independent)

After that above post was deleted by McGregor, the Dublin provided a follow up post, alluding to the fact that information had already been passed through channels to him. “Wow that was quick,” Conor McGregor posted. “Thank you so much Good Samaritan.” 

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An Garda Siochana confirmed that an investigation is still underway regarding the January incident, however, no arrests have been made so far. Confirmation was also received detailing how no damage had been caused to the property as a result of the firebomb attack. 

McGregor purchased the Drimnagh Rd property back in 2020 for a reported fee of €2 million, before he further spent a reported €1 million in renovations to the popular pub and restaurant.


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