Could Boxing be more punishing than M.M.A?


Saturday May 30, 2015– Boxing is easily one of the world’s oldest sports, dating way back, long before written records and one which has had some of the most diverse changes throughout history.


Today Boxer’s wear padded leather gloves both for training and for matches, but this wasn’t always the case. Documents surviving from Greek and Roman period’s show competitor’s with fist’s and forearm’s wrapped in tough leather to protect themselves while allowing them to dish out more damage. Designed to prevent fighters fracturing there hand’s, the gloves ensured the fighter’s had to develop skills rather than just wait for an opponent to break his hand.

During the Roman time’s it became common practice to hold dumbells while Boxing to give added weight To each hit. They also would sew lead strip’s and iron stud’s to the inside of the gloves. As time went on these strip’s and stud’s evolved into two Metal Knuckle’s which would stick out from the glove. Traditional padded boxing gloves would only be worn for training purposes.

Today most people who would call M.M.A barbaric will also say Boxing is more civilised but they couldn’t be more wrong. History has shown that all the way back to the pankration and pankratium tournament’s of the Greek and Roman’s, fighter’s who competed in both M.M.A and Boxing would ask for boxing to take place last as it is a much more punishing sport.


As time went on the sport evolved to gradually come what it is today. But over those year’s it has been used to help train warriors such as Medeival Knights, roman’s and even some of history’s biggest Leaders including Augustus Ceaser and King George The Second’s Bodyguard (John Broughton) who is said to be the founder of boxing as we know it today.

Today Boxing is an international sport and a huge part of Mixed Martial Arts.

By: Ben Hess

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