Crime and punishment: Diaz addition

Today Nick diaz was handed what some consider a very stiff punishment. NSAC ruled a 5 year suspension and a hefty 33% of his purse which was $500,000($165,000 fine). In comparison to Anderson silvas lighter sentence.

Here is what some are neglecting to understand, this is Diazs’ 3rd offense and Andersons first failed test. The commission explained that Diaz shows no respect for the rules. Which is basically his persona. Anti authority, missing media days, starting fights at other promotions (wsof), as well as relentless Social media posts against ufc pay and insulting other fighters. It’s no surprise that this hammer has dropped as he has been through this before.

The argument that marijuana is not a ped, is valid. However It’s a banned substance. When you are chasing a dream at this level of competition, which is more important? Your career or your bong rip? That being said, this is most likely a career ending verdict. Which is not how anyone wants to see someone end their run in MMA.

Meanwhile there are still holes to fill in the drug and testing policies. Such as Jones and his out of competition cocaine positive test and the lack of actual random testing. With new standards and punishments I’m sure we will see more unbelievable rulings in the future.

Feel free to light up Diaz, your schedule has now cleared up.

By: Korey Lane

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