Dallas Manspile: “Alexander Schenk is disrespectful and I’m going to put some Dad Strength on him”

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Dallas Manspile is coming to the CFC this Saturday night at CFC 9 to challenge the featherweight champion Alexander Schenk for his title. Manspile is coming from Virginia to challenge the young Tennessean for the gold. He took time during fight week and talked to the CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa about his CFC Featherweight title bout. Check out the conversation below.

Roberto: Dallas thank you so much for talking with us just days before your title fight in the CFC. We know friday you leave for Tennessee, how has training been going up until this point in preparation for this title shot Saturday?

Dallas: Hey man I really appreciate you taking time for this interview. Trainings been going great. I’ve never had this kind of a disrespectful opponent before so it’s given me a different kind of drive for this fight than any of my others in the past. This kid is going to be in for a rude awakening.

Roberto: You are kinda a unknown in the CFC. Everyone in the CFC featherweight rankings had some sort of a issue leading up to this fight. Either they were already beaten by the champion or they were a teammate of the champion or they simply chose not to accept the fight. That all has been your good fortune. When were you notified that you would be given the title shot? And how long did it take you to say yes to the opportunity?

Dallas: I actually saw the opening for a title fight on a Facebook page a little over two to three weeks ago and didn’t really care who the opponent was or what his record was. So when you ask how long did it take for me to accept, it was instantaneous. I love being the unknown fighter in this promotion; it leaves me with the ability to come in and shut this punk of a kid up and make a name for myself in the CFC.

Roberto: Your opponent is Alexander Schenk who has been very outspoken about his opinion of you as a MMA fighter. What are your thoughts on the champion and his opinions of you?

Dallas: Like I just stated in the previous question, I think he’s just a punk of a kid. His ego is going to get him a lot of places on this world, but no where with me. I feel like I’m a pretty well rounded, respectful guy, especially when it comes to martial arts. This kid is just disrespectful and I’m going to put some “Dad Strength” on him and give him the whooping that he really needs. He needs to be humbled and I’m sure enough ready to go to battle with him.

Roberto: Have you had the opportunity to see many of the champions past fights and what do you think are his strengths and weaknesses?

Dallas: I’ve seen a few of his fights. He seems like he’s a decent stand up fighter that has some explosiveness, but his ground game is ehh. He’s no different than any of the competition I’ve faced thus far, I really think it’s going to be a good fight, especially since this kid is the first disrespectful opponent I’ve had and thinks he knows so much about me. In all reality, he is just an immature shit talker trying to hype himself up.

Roberto: The audience at the CFC is going to be seeing you for the first time. What can they expect to see from a Dallas Manspile fight?

Dallas: I’m excited to come show my skills in the CFC cage. Ask anyone that has seen any of my past performances, I always come to put on a show and I’m a pretty likeable person. They can expect fireworks from the sound of the first bell til it’s over. I’m pretty unorthodox in my martial arts game so I feel like people who are fans of mma will like what they see.

Roberto: CFC owner Johnathan Ivey has said that you can’t be overlooked in this matchup. He described you as a “Dawg that will hunt” he said one of his scouts found you and that your experience in the sport, warrants respect for you. How do you leave the cage the champion of the CFC this Saturday night?

Dallas: Man, I’ve been a dog my whole life. Ask anyone that knows me, I’ve got a hard work ethic and never back down from a challenge. Honestly, I don’t try to hype up a fight too much before the fight actually happens. I’m just going to go in there and do me and get a W by any means necessary. Definitely going to get some RESPECT put on my name and show this kid he’s talking all that shit to the wrong one.

Roberto: Thank you so much Dallas for taking the time to talk with us. Is there any loved ones or teammates you would like to give a shout out to before we end this interview?

Dallas: I appreciate you man! Like always I want to give a shout out to my family first off. My fiancé and kids are who I do this for, they are the biggest support system I have and can’t thank them enough. Also everyone I train with here in Roanoke at the multiple gyms I go to (Round 30 MMA, Tech MMA, Champs Boxing, 727 kombat fitness, and Modern Gladiator) and when I’ve traveled for training (757 boxing with my brother Reggie Barnett Jr, and Dewey Cooper and his whole squad out in Vegas at zenith mma/black kobra striking systems): I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the fighter and all around guy I am today without the constant push and knowledge I’ve received from you all! All my friends and supporters, can’t forget about you guys, y’all are absolutely awesome and keep reminding me daily of why I do this and where #salladmanchild is headed. Much love to all of y’all. Lastly I want to thank the whole promotion at CFC for the opportunity, and sorry not sorry, but that belt is coming back to Virginia!

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