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Recent Bellator MMA signee and UFC Hall of Famer, Stephan Bonnar stated his desire to fight and beat Tito Ortiz, Which apparently (and for obvious reasons) makes Dana White smile. Makes him so happy in fact he released Bonnar just so he could do that very thing.

Bonnar who hasn’t fought in over 2 years and the last time he was in there he was on the receiving end of one of the most embarrassing beat downs in the history of the company. To add salt to that already gaping and festering wound he popped hot for P.E.D.’s (Drostanolone). UFC 153 was originally meant to be a Featherweight Title fight between Jose Aldo and Erik Koch; injuries to Koch forced him out of the fight and enter Frankie Edgar to take on Aldo. Then almost on cue Aldo was hurt in a motorcycle accident and was forced to withdraw as well. So, Anderson Silva and Stephan Bonnar agree to lock up to save the event. Not too sure if Bonnar regrets that decision or not. I guess the fact Stephan retired from MMA competition a little more than 2 weeks later one could surmise he saw the writing on the wall.

Tito Ortiz is another story. He fell out with the UFC many many many moons ago, his troubles with Dana White and the world wide MMA leader are as bitter and bone deep as any other feud this side of the Hatfields and McCoys. Tito always one to carry on about his list of accomplishments and contributions to the sport, all of which are true of course no one can deny it. It would however be a better look if he let someone else say those things, it would certainly come off as a little less self-serving. Then again, self-serving is what Tito does, not long before it’s all he has. Not long before Tito goes full Iron Sheik, going into local Wendy’s with a replica championship belt in hopes of selling autographed photos. Wait, does Bellator sell replica title belts..not that it matters I don’t see any titles in Ortiz’s future anyway.

Tito himself has only fought once in the last 2 years. Oriz only won 2 fights in the last eight years, yet he keeps chugging along. Searching for the fountain of youth, or maybe a time machine hoping it can be 2001. Perhaps a few more up jump middleweights who should be fighting at welterweight. Yes, I’m talking about his fight with Alexander Shlemenko, in the cage at fight time it looked more like a heavyweight fighting a welterweight, probably because it was? The arm-triangle choke was almost as sad a sight as Tito’s elderly cage jump.

Tito’s days as a fighter are numbered, and Stefan wants to be the one to end them. White is also happy with that, he released Bonnar so he can do that very thing.

“I released him to do it”, White said. “He was under contract with us. We released him to do it and I wish him the best. He was retired. He told me he wants to beat the shit out of Tito, and I’m always down for that, so I released him”

Will Bellator MMA make this fight between to UFC Hall of Famers? We will let you know if they do.

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