Dana White: If Diego Sanchez needs me he can call me

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UFC president, Dana White has reacted to the news of former lightweight championship challenger, Diego Sanchez’s split from controversial head coach and manager, Joshua Fabia — claiming that the Albuquerque native, or any The Ultimate Fighter alum, in fact, could reach out to him if they needed him.

Sanchez, the victor of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter middleweight tournament, was handed his release from the UFC in April following the cancellation of his proposed retirement fight against former Jackson-Wink MMA stablemate, Donald Cerrone, after Fabia had made a request to the UFC to obtain Sanchez’s entire medical history from his 16-year stint with the promotion — which resulted in calls for concern for Sanchez’s wellbeing by the promotion’s Chief Business Officer and lawyer, Hunter Campbell. 

Following the release, Sanchez claimed that he was worried for his wellbeing amid the leaking of his fighter meeting on ‘Fight Island’ last October, and Fabia’s leaked phone conversation with the above-mentioned, Campbell, and believed the UFC could come after him in the future. 

I’m going to tell you guys frankly right now, I’m fearful for my motherf*cking life,” Sanchez said. “I’m fearful that this company (the UFC), this billion-dollar company monopoly, worldwide, is going to come after me. Something might happen to me in two years. Maybe in a couple years. Maybe I wreck my truck. Maybe I, ‘Oh, Diego overdosed, some suicide sh*t.’ I don’t know. But I would not put anything past the level of evil that is within this corporation.

Sanchez continued and claimed that UFC leader, White had dodged a potential meeting with him for two years despite the Albuquerque native’s attempt to organize a sitdown at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All you people don’t get it,” Sanchez said. “And I’m going to say this, Dana (White), what’s up Dana? I tried for two years to get a meeting with you. Oh, sh*t, I was the the first Ultimate Fighter. Didn’t that show do something for the company when it was $60 million in debt. … And you can’t meet with your boy?… I’ve put sixty, seventy hours in the UFC PI (Performance Institute) just to try to get a meeting with you Dana, but you won’t meet with me, because you won’t hear what I have to say? You don’t want to talk with my batsh*t crazy manager? Why, because he might bring some awareness to what you’re hiding in the dark?

I’m still open to meet with you Dana,” Sanchez said. “Be a f*cking man. Be a real f*cking boss, when I’ve bled, I’ve sweat, I’ve f*cking cried for this f*cking company. I’ve sacrificed more than you will ever know, and you can’t have forty-five minutes?

Speaking with Yahoo! Sports reporter, Kevin Iole following Sanchez’s split from the School of Self Awareness founder, Fabia, White claimed that if Sanchez ever needed him, he could reach out and get in contact.

I haven’t really paid attention to any of that,” White said in relation to Sanchez’s split from Fabia. “I don’t care what that guy (Joshua Fabia) says. This is one of those things, I was just telling the media the other day, every time you guys ask me about the Triller guys. It’s like, come on, you want a reaction from me. That’s what you’re looking for.

I feel the same way about this kid (Fabia),” White explained. “All you guys know this kid’s batsh*t nuts and whatever. If Diego (Sanchez) needs me, just like the last however many years, Diego’s never been that needy guy. I did see where he came out and said, ‘I’ve been trying to talk to Dana…’ — Diego Sanchez can pick up the phone and call me. Any of those TUF kids.

White continued and explained that while Sanchez was handed his release from the promotion, the UFC Hall of Fame inductee will always have a “house” in the organization.

I had a falling out a few years ago with Josh Koscheck,” White said. “If Josh Koscheck picked up the phone and called me, I would talk to Josh Koscheck. If any of those kids needed me, all they’ve got to do is pick up the phone and call me. Diego Sanchez, this will always be his house, always be a part of the history of this company and as long as I’m here, he’ll always be respected for what he’s done for the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter.

Sanchez’s last Octagon appearance came back in October of last year in Abu Dhabi, UAE – where he suffered a unanimous decision defeat to Jake Matthews. Whilst it’s currently unknown if Sanchez will continue his professional career following his release, he did appear to offer his services to the likes of Bellator MMA, ONE Championship, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, and Brave CF following his release.


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