Danyel Pilo promises best version of himself for Brave 14

Danyel Pilo has released the statement that he is ready for his debut at Brave Combat Federation. The featherweight fighter from Italy will compete against Jeremy Kennedy in his first bout for Brave Combat Federation. The fight has been announced as the main event for Brave 14, set for Tangier, Morocco, on August 18th. The event also marks the first appearance for Jeremy Kennedy who had joined Brave Combat Federation.

Pilo stated that he is grateful for the opportunity to fight in the big stage and in a historic card. The event marks the first global mixed martial arts event on the continent of Africa. Pilo has 10 wins against a single loss and two draws in his professional record. He is also a teammate of Daniele Scatizzi who made two appearances in Brave Combat Federation. Pilo is the second fighter from Italy to sign with Brave Combat Federation.

“I want to thank Brave Combat Federation for the opportunity to fight. As a top promotion, I appreciate the opportunities they bring for fighters in Europe. On August 18th, I’ll be giving my best and showing the best version of myself for the fans around the world. You can count on it. I’ll give everything I have on fight night, be sure of it”.

Pilo also has heaped praise upon his opponent. While he’s older than Kennedy, the fighter from Canada has fought in the UFC and has been involved with martial arts for more than half his life. Danyel says it’s an “honor” to fight Jeremy Kennedy on such a prestigious setting.

“Jeremy Kennedy is an amazing fighter and an opponent. I promise once more to give everything I have. I’m very honored to be fighting him at Brave and I wish him good luck. Jeremy, we’ll see each other on August 18th, in Morocco. Ciao!”.


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