David Potter: “We’re both going to have fun and the crowd is going to have fun with us”

Hello fight fans, brothers and sisters, welcome to another installment of the greatest interview team in the game! I’m Jay Durham with FightBookMMA and I have the honor and privilege of speaking to the ever so charming and always exciting Mr David Potter! How are you my brother?? Long time, no talk! You have been missed sir! How you feeling today my guy?

DP: Well, well, well. We meet again my beautiful bearded friend. It’s been a long time and it is good to be missed, I’m doing well. Just chillin’ like a villain on penicillin. How about yourself? Congratulations on all of the success with yourself and FightBookMMA (AKA: Yo’ girlfriend’s favorite website). 

JD: Yes sir, we meet again and I must say, per the usual, the pleasure is all mine! I’m good man, things are taking off with FBMMA, Roberto is absolutely KILLING it and I’m so proud to be a part of it! Thank you for asking my man! And thank you for the kudos!

So fill us in! What has the legend himself been up to as of late? We got a fight coming up, you’ve always got so much going on! Tell us what’s on your plate for the near future?

DP: A lot of good stuff going on and just like an unnecessary George Lucas Prequel, lets start at the beginning. Last summer i got to compete once again for the 1st time since 2012 in the ever envolving sport that I loved since I escaped the womb. It was only suppose to be a one and done due to an old nagging girlfriend….just kidding, an old injury, but I caught that bug again, and ended up sticking around. But after 2 fights, that injury got much worse and a doctor told me I shouldnt compete anymore. Great news came quick as I got a second opinion, healed up over 6 months, changed my name to tampex and pulled some strings, so now I’m heading to Triton Fights July 13th to once again give it a go. Also the soft reboot of my biz Dream Elite Pro, covering PFL 1 this thursday in MSG, so me and my first love MMA are going to be super busy this summer.

JD: Always such a wordsmith, you are! 😂 Well good, I for one am beyond stoked to see you back in the cage! What are your thoughts on your opponent? Have you been doing your research? What are your thoughts on him? Any holes in his game you see or areas where you clearly have the upper hand?

DP: My opponent is a tough fellow that trains with another tough fellow that fought my teammate for the title in February. They had a beef with each other that made Tupac and Biggie come back to life to take notes. So obviously there’s the storyline if folks want to look for plot. But obviously, my focus is on competing in a sport that I love and putting on an exciting show and nothing more. I’m not Conor  McGregor , I’m nobody famous, so im competing for myself and my homies, and I’m not Jon Jones, I’m not fighting in the UFC, so I’m competing because I love this sport and nothing more. Nothing much needs to be said, except grab a ticket to Triton Fights July 13th live from Westbury NY or watch on your CBS  sports app to watch some fireworks.

JD: Amen to that sir! You always bring the heat, so I’m excited to see you get back in there! How has training been going? Anything you have been focusing more so on in preparation for this upcoming bout?

DP: Ever seen 40-year-old virgin where he said to the gut “yo you’re putting the p*ssy on a pedestal”? That was me last summer. I overtrained and put so much pressure on myself to win that I stopped making this fun and turned it into job. I don’t need another job. And I only found success in my second bout when I stopped thinking I had something to prove and started having fun again. I have nothing to prove to no-one, I don’t think I’m or want to be better than anyone, and I have carried that mind frame into my training and life. Listen. Unless you’re in the UFC, nobody gives a sh*t, you are doing this to learn, work hard, have fun and put on a show. Thus my training has reflected it, my fight will reflect it and i will win because of it. And if i lose? Who cares. Those variables of winning and losing don’t intimidate me anymore because I don’t need either to be happy.

Just 8 months ago I thought I would never be able to do fun stuff like this again. Life is also short, and so am I. And I’m not here for a long time, so I’m here for a good time. And nothing is a good time or more fun than this.

JD: Love that outlook my man! And you’re so very right, you’re doing this out of sheer love for the sport and the challenge it presents to you and you alone. I admire that greatly, tells a great deal about the person that you are!
So! I have been meaning to dive into this in previous interviews with you and never got around to it – so here were are, and I gotta ask, when do you first develop a passion for wrestling? I know you love it and do it when you’re able to, correct? Tell me more about that!

DP: I remember back in the day as a younger cub watching my step dad’s pro wrestling VHS tapes. I think I saw jake the snake Roberts snake biting randy savages arm and dismissed it. I didn’t like how fake it was, I mean come on, I was a boxing and Mike Tyson fan. But later in life, my sister Crissy brought me to a wrestling pay per view over her friend’s house where Mike Tyson was a referee for the main event. Besides that, It blew my little mind like sniffing glue in arts and crafts class style when ken shamrock went from UFC to WWE. So that was the bait on the hook. I had my sister sign me up for rec wrestling, and while I wasn’t able to beat people to death with chairs or light anyone on fire, it became my first martial art. And when I hit 18 I said fuck it, I’ll do both pro wrestling and MMA and always alternated between the two. In fact. In 2009, I pro wrestled for a title in union city NY against my buddy Jeff and fought for a title in Brandenburg KY. Who would have thunk it that so many adventures would come from my passions, but its been exciting. And that’s life, it should be exciting.

JD: That’s awesome! So do you have a persona? A character you play? If so, tell me about your character! Are you a heel or a hero? What’s your finishing move?

DP: Haha! I think when I did do pro wrestling I was more of myself with the volume turned up. Some places I would get booed, new jersey I would get cheered so not much of playing a character. Actually. Last time I did play a bad guy character and we messed with fans on the internet, they were so convinced that was really me, the building sold out and I had to get escorted into the building because I was receiving death threats. We had to actually post a disclaimer after the event via Facebook note that I was just playing a bad guy role. This was 2011 I believe, but the next event I was escorted out with half-naked ring girls so the fans naturally forgave me. My finisher was a backflip slam, sometimes off various places in the building.

JD: Oh wow, no kidding!? Man brother, people do not play around when it comes to wrestling, do they!? Well I’m glad you came out unscathed! And by the way, that finishing move it FIRE! Who would you say your top 3 favorite wrestlers of all time was and why?

DP: Oh snap. Good question. I grew up an Owen Hart fan, and his innovation was inspirational. Sad story of his fall. We actually ordered that PPV . Another and probably my biggest influence in both MMA  and pro wrestling would be the legendary Kazushi Sakuraba because his crazy little ass made it possible for fellow crazy people to look at him and say it is possible to do both MMA  and pro wrestling. I mean, he defeated Royce Gracie in the high of the Gracie dominance over the sport. That is just flat-out impressive. If I never saw that, we wouldnt be talking right now. And of course the rock on his charisma alone.

JD: Solid, solid choices! And yeah, Owen Heart just destroyed me… so sad, God rest his soul. So where is your primary focus gonna be in a long-term scenario? Would you like to stick with wrestling entertainment or does the cage appeal to you more?

DP: Originally my final pro wrestling match was september 2015, but I also said my final mma fight was going to be last summer, so obviously I’m full of shit. So you never know what tomorrow brings. Triton Fights July 13th is huge for me, I’ve been training hard, having fun, and im looking forward to entertaining an educated and semi intoxicated crowd. After that? Who knows. But I do know if I want to do something, im not wasting a second of time, im not waking up with regret at 60 with kids out of college and a wife plotting my untimingly death and wondering what could have been, im going to do it.

All I’m focused on is Triton. I’m focused on training with great people and having fun while doing it. I’m focused on winning on July 13th, and if I fall short of the mark that’s cool too. After July 13th, then who knows where I’ll pop up. Maybe throw everybody a plot twist and try figure skating.

JD: LMAO very well said as always my man! So, I know you’re not too keen on making predictions, but if you had to, how do you see your upcoming bout playing out? Do you see a KO? A submission? What do you see happening with #WarPotter come July 13th?

DP: Also, seeing you figure skating would be magical in every sense of the word! 😂

JD: Exactly! Pull a Tonya , go for the gold in life, knee cap some lady, get fat then go on dancing with the stars. See? Everybody needs that kind of excitement in life.

DP: My prediction is a hard-fought, bloody battle and giving the crowd their money’s worth. And my prediction is afterwards, meeting me at the bar for fireball shots because ill need it.

My opponent is tough, I’m tough, my final prediction is we’re both going to have fun and the crowd is going to have fun with us.

JD: As always, humble, hilarious, and honest. David, sir, you are a legend and I cannot thank you enough for speaking with me today. On behalf of the entire FightBookMMA family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and we will be rooting for you to get that W in devastating fashion! Before I let you go, do you have any shoutouts or anyone you would like to thank?

DP: I would like to thank my friends, family, my gym, my coaches, and everybody that supports me like I support them. For everybody getting behind my passion because god knows nowadays its hard to support others. I want to thank Triton and their fans for letting me into their house to do what I love, I would like to thank FightBookMMA, because they make fight journalism so so sexy, and most of all, I would like to thank Jay, the man with the beard and MMA knowledge that drops more panties than a cashier at victorias secret, and I would like to thank you, everybody that reads this, for letting this suited up gent entertain you. On July 13th at Triton Fights I plan on delivering more fun than Santa Claus.

JD: LMAO, once again, the most epic interview I have ever had the pleasure of conducting, my man! You’re truly one of a kind David and we are all blessed to know you and have you in our lives. God bless you brother, love you, and thank you again for your time and kind words! Go get that W, my man! I look forward to chatting with you again once you emerge victorious come July 13th! Be well and stay awesome, David! #WarPotter

You’re the man sir! Take care.

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