Dirrell vs Rubio, McDonnell vs Kameda, highlights of PBC on CBS

Tuesday September 8, 2015–  Anthony Dirrell defeats Marco Antonio Rubio

Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell has a message, one that he delivered first with his fists and later reiterated with his words—you know, just in case you didn’t get the memo spelled out all over Marco Antonio Rubio’s swollen ribcage. Rebounding from his first loss to Badou Jack in April, Anthony Dirrell (28-1-1, 22 KOs) looked like a marksman at target practice, but with Rubio’s face and midsection in place of clay pigeons. Dirrell dominated in a unanimous decision over Rubio.

“I’m back,” Dirrell said from his locker room after his 10-round drubbing of Rubio on Sunday at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. “The kennel is open.”

Rebounding from his first loss to Badou Jack in April, Anthony Dirrell (28-1-1, 22 KOs) looked like a marksman at target practice, but with Rubio’s face and midsection in place of clay pigeons.

Using superior hand speed and surgical counter-punching, Dirrell continually knocked the steam out of a charging Rubio, a human bulldozer who constantly plowed forward only to get plowed himself for his efforts.

Landing hard right hands at will, Dirrell punished his opponent, who couldn’t find a way to initiate his offense, eating far more punches than he was able to land.

Marco Antonio Rubio (59-8-1, 51 KOs) continually pressed the action gamely, but he was pummeled while doing so, as Dirrell served up a buffet of fists, regularly landing two- and three-punch combinations.

Dirrell got off first throughout the fight, stunning Rubio with hard, flesh-rippling right hands that forced the Mexico native to cover up and play defense instead of returning fire. Dirrell was in such control of the fight that when Rubio connected with a slapping left hand early in Round 7, eliciting cheers from the crowd, he shot an incredulous look to the fans seated ringside, throwing his arms in the air as if to say, “Really?”

Still, Rubio absorbed the abuse and kept coming forward—and with 51 knockouts on his record, he ostensibly had the power to turn things around.

“He’s got a little pop on his punch, and with a guy like that, you still have to respect him, because nobody’s chin can get strong,” Dirrell said. “Anybody catches you on the chin, you’re going down.”

Nevertheless, as the fight progressed, Dirrell seemed to respect Rubio’s power less and less, closing the distance and outslugging the slugger in the final two rounds.

Rubio survived the savagery, but it was a pyrrhic victory: He was on the wrong end of a shutout, with all three judges scoring the one-sided, albeit entertaining, fight 100-90 in Dirrell’s favor.

“I’m happy that I didn’t stop him, because I wanted everybody to see that I can box, that I didn’t fight like I fought my last fight,” Dirrell said. “I wanted everybody to see that I can go the rounds—and keep going.”

Afterward, Dirrell gave himself the high marks of a prizefighting poindexter—and he didn’t even have to grade on a curve.

“I think I did a helluva job,” Dirrell said. “I give myself an A-minus —not an A-plus, yet. There’s still work to be done.”



Jamie McDonnell retains world title beating Tomoki Kameda

In the first matchup on CBS Sept. 6, Jamie McDonnell retained his world title in rematch with Tomoki Kameda. McDonnell impressed again in his decision over the scrappy Kameda.

After dropping a narrow decision to Jamie McDonnell (27-2-1, 12 KOs) on May 9 in Hidalgo, Texas, Tomoki Kameda (31-2, 19 KOs) was looking to avenge the lone loss of his career in the 118-pound world title rematch at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Instead, what he got was his second defeat in as many tries in another seesaw fight that, if not as tight on the scorecards as the first bout, was about as close to the naked eye.

“I thought I won this fight a lot more clearly than the last fight,” Kameda said. “I think I had the right plan and did everything right.”

Kameda, under new trainer Ismael Salas, came out and showed an unexpected patient side in comparison to the fireballing aggressor he was in the first match.

It was effective early, perhaps catching McDonnell by surprise. Kameda saw success through the first few rounds, particularly with counter left hooks, as he was able to deftly duck under the taller McDonnell’s hammering jabs.

But by the middle rounds, McDonnell adjusted to Kameda’s retreating tactics and jabbed his way back into the fight as he pressed steady action against Kameda’s periodic outbursts of heavy-handed combinations. Kameda threw the bigger bombs, but it was a case of slow and steady winning the race, as McDonnell’s jab found consistent purchase.

It all came to a head in the 12th, when Kameda came out firing, looking for something decisive, but as he was circling around McDonnell, the Brit caught Kameda with a right to the ear that dropped him. It appeared as though Kameda slipped just as McDonnell’s punch connected, but the referee ruled it a knockdown.

“When I dropped him in the last round, I think he did slip a little bit. I tried to stay away, but I did catch him. After that, I know I sealed the victory,” McDonnell said. “My jab was the key in the fight, and it was a great weapon for me. I just had to make sure that I stuck to the game plan we had been working on for over eight weeks.”

After the knockdown, Kameda popped back up quickly. As it turns out, the extra point proved to be irrelevant, as McDonnell walked away with all three scorecards, 116-111, 115-112 and 117-110.

For Kameda, it’s back to the drawing board. Two fights ago, he was still an unbeaten fighter. Now he has to get back on track following back-to-back losses.


Dirrell vs Rubio, McDonnell vs Kameda, highlights of PBC on CBS September 6th 2015:

(Articles Courtesy of PBC)

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