MMA Fighter Saves Opponents Life: Dusan Dzakic vs Sebastijan Emini – Serbian Battle Championship 4 – SBC 4

Dusan Dzakic fought Sebastijan Emini at The Serbian Battle Championship 4 this month in Novi Sad, Serbia, on December 6th 2014. In the video below you can see Emini frantically tapping out around the 4:20 mark. Emini was not tapping because of the choke, but he actually was starting to choke to death. Dzakic and the referee immediately begin providing medical assistance in the video you can see Dzakic pull his mouth peace and Emini’s tongue out of his mouth. Check out the video below and what Dusan had to say.

This is what Dusan said at the end of the fight:

” When I saw that he fell unconscious , I turned him on his side with judge’s help and took out his mouthpiece and pulled his tongue out so he wouldn’t suffocate . The kid is very brave because not everyone would accepted the fight five days prior to the match . That’s why I respect him. It doesn’t matter matter that he’s Croatian. I’m not a nationalist “

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