Friday March 6, 2015– Extreme Cage Fighting put on their 4th show on Saturday, February 28th. ECF 4, Cage War, was held at the Melrose Ballroom in Astoria Queens and FightBookMMA was there live.  The card featured a total of 20 fights in several disciplines. There were high paced stand up affairs in bouts under K1 and Muay Thai rules. There were some great submissions and some great knock outs. Jason Marquardt won KO of the night with his head kick KO of Pavel Kulazahnka.

Jason Markland KO Pavel Kulazahnka

Pavel Ref

(Video Courtesy of THE KICK from Ken Francis Photos on Vimeo.)

We got to see technical ground battles in some great grappling matches.  Of-course there was plenty of mma action to go around as well.

Rick Schafer TKO’d Carlos Nunez to win the K-1 belt.

Rick Schaefer

Rick Shafer w Christian

Uniah Banks defeated Zarrukh Adashev on the score cards for the ECF 135 pound belt.  The main event saw Taj ‘Black Spartan’ Abdul Hakim retain his middleweight belt in a great fight.

Taj Belt

Taj in ring

Christian Defiris, founder and owner of ECF MMA, (and of ECF Elite Martial Arts Training Facility in Lynbrook, NY), put on one hell of a show.  It was an extravaganza of lights and music.  The back drop to the cage was a giant 20 foot screen displaying the fight.  For an amateur mma event, if felt as close as you can get to a big time professional show.  All in all, a great night of fights.

ring card girls

With the departure of Sheldon Silver, and the appointment of new Speaker of the House, Chris Heastie, New York seems in the best position it has ever been in, to legalize mma.  I hear he’s actually been to mma events, so he’s, hopefully a bit more familiar with the sport and its merits.  If we keep getting quality shows like ECF, I think we will be in a great shape once that happens.

By: Mozz Monzoor

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