Monday July 13, 2015–  On Jul 18, 2015 5:00 PM EDT tune into an exciting night of fights at ECF 6: The Takeover. The fight card features three title fights at 145 lbs, 170 lbs, and 205 lbs.

Shaun Moore (5-2) will battle Ruben Vargas Jr. (1-0) for the ECF 145 lb title in an exciting matchup between prospects. MMA aficionados will definitely have their eyes on this fight and both of theses fighters going forward.

Don’t miss that bout or either of the other title fights; catch-all the action on


Keemaan Diop VS Kevorn Daley – MuayThai 160lbs

Stefan Walker VS Tafon Nchuckw – MuayThai 240lbs

MMA Fights:

F. Laureano vs. Israel Quiroz 125 lbs

Tony Loco vs. Alfonse Skala 155 lbs

Doug Norris vs. Christian Acero 160 lbs

Kevin Wall vs. Brian Mackey 205 lbs

Shaquan Moore vs. Ruben Vargas Jr. 145 lbs

Dom Kull vs. Matthew Perez 170 lbs

Jay Mark vs. Edwin Rivera 205 lbs

Emanuel Gomez vs. Bernardo Lopez 155 lbs

T. Hakim vs. Craig Brian May 185 lbs

Pavel Kulazhanka vs. Luis Reyes 205 lbs

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