Elias Garcia: The Comeback 2, Fruitition

Elias Garcia: The Comeback 2, Fruitition

Posted on May 20th, 2004

Planting a seed is one of the world’s most amazingly prosperous things. You know what you want and know what it will take to get it. You take your seed and burry it, knowing that with patience and hard work one day this seed will come to fruitition. It sounds easy, something anyone could do, but I assure you it isn’t for the weak. Elias Garcia understands this concept very well. Becoming a professional mma fighter is a lot like planting a seed. You know what you want and know what it will take to get there. The question is, do you have what it takes to get there? When his journey began Garcia had the seeds, good work ethic, strength and discipline, traits that could be attributed to his time in the Coast Guard. With “water”, training with his coaches at Weapons at Hand, he was able to grow as a fighter. With “fertilizer”, his strength and conditioning training, he was able to garner the ability to endure his battles. Most importantly, with a little bit of patience, he was able to stay in the sport long enough to see himself pitted against a man he used to watch on T.V. In recent news Henry Cejudo had to pull himself from his title fight with Damacio page, leaving the door open for Garcia. Former UFC veteran Damacio Page will be no walk in the park. In Elias’ first Legacy appearance, a unanimous decision win over Matt Schnell, Damacio was also on the card. Judges opinion was not needed in said fight as Damacio KO’d Patrick Ybarra 1:57 into round 1. Elias is not one to shy away from a fight though, actually he prefers it that way. “As a fighter, i know that Damacio is as tough as they get and will bring the fight to you. he obviously has serious power in his hands so i know that’s something I need to look out for.” In recent bouts, Garcia has shown willingness to stand and trade, absorbing some solid shots to land his own. Time and time again he has proven that his chin can absorb some punishment, and his hands can dish it out. In his last bout, Garcia’s camp, along with a huge portion of the fight community, were disappointed in the fact that Cejudo had once again missed weight. Still, the fight happened and Cejudo won his way into the title fight. The universe, however, had its own plans. With Garcia’s hard work, respect for the sport, and great attitude, he was at the top of the list to take Cejudo’s place. Now with this opportunity, he promises to take advantage. “I feel like I deserve this oppurtunity because I honestly believe if I wouldn’t have broken my hand the outcome would be different. The main thing I’m going to do differently in this fight is win.” Winning is no small task. In Page, Garcia finds an opponent who has fought and trained with the best athletes in the world. Elias knows he will have to do the same to help his chances. With the help of Pureline Nutrition,as well as other sponsors, Elias will be traveling to Milwaukee to train with Duke Roufus, coach of UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. Duke is known for his expert striking techniques, a skill that is ideal when trying to derail the 125lb freight train, Damacio Page. With the way Page has been fighting, a win seems impossible. However, like Elias’ trainer and friend Rudy Valenzuela says “Exceed your impossible.” On June 13th Elias will look to do just that, as he hopes to see all of his hard work and patience come to fruition.




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