Enough With The Pointless Trash Talk

Monday January 4, 2016 After a hand full of great match up to start the new year at UFC 195, MMA fans have the first UFC Fight Night to look forward to. The main event for the Fight Night taking place in Boston will feature another title defense for bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw as he faces off against Dominic Cruz. Those who ordered UFC 195 saw both men face off in a battle of words reminiscent of the old WWE smack talk between two low-level personalities.

Dominick cruz trashing Tj dillashaw:

T.J Dillishaw and Dominic Cruz are anything but however, both men have proven time and again that they belong atop the bantamweight division so why build up what is sure to be a great fight with cheap theatrics? Is it because the UFC believes people need a reason to watch the fight? If so, why not play up the fact that Cruz never lost his title and that TJ needs to over this obstacle in order to solidify he standing in the division? That angle would at the very least save MMA fans from having to watch two great athletes behave like middle schoolers trying to belittle the other to earn points in front of their respective crew.

This match truly doesn’t need this kind of build up. TJ Dillishaw was one of the biggest under dogs the UFC has produced when he defeated Renan Barao for the Bantamweight title not once but twice silencing any would be doubters with his movement, stand up, and KO abilities. Dillashaw however, has not faced a man like Dominic Cruz. In fact few have in recent years due to injuries which forced him to vacate the title he will be fighting for on January 17th. Cruz became the champion with unmatched cardio and an unorthodox style of fighting that has Dillashaw is yet to face during his reign as champion.

MMA should be exciting about this fight without the theatrics. These two really have no reason for animosity towards each other like Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. That type of bad blood can not be faked.

By: Alex Barrientos



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