Epic Fighting announces Jasmine Pouncy vs. Juliana Miller to fight at EPIC38

Epic Fighting will host Epic Fighting 38 on Friday, May 18th at the Four Points Sheraton San Diego. FightBookMMA will be attending the event so stay tuned as we will have the official results and recap of this event.

Epic Fighting has always wanted Jasmine “Tapout Queen” Pouncy from Nubian MMA to get in the San Diego cage. For the first time, we are fortunate to have her at Epic 38 vs. “The Attempted Killa” Juliana Miller. They’ll be fighting for the Epic Fighting Strawweight Championship Title. Juliana brings her undefeated record into the cage against the toughest opponent she has yet to face.

Since the majority of female opponents in San Diego are avoiding “The Attempted Killa”, the search for a worthy opponent was extended up to Los Angeles, where the “Tapout Queen” resides. After years of missing Epic Fighting events, Jasmine’s team called for a 115 lbs. match at Epic 38, no matter who the opponent. The timing was perfect for putting together these two Strawweight fighters. Both of these young athletes are destined be on the professional MMA stage in the near future, so consider yourself lucky that you’ll be able to see them on May 18th at Epic 38.

Jasmine “Tapout Queen” Pouncy:
Nubian MMA
21/5’1″/(4-7-0-0) State Rank: 4
Promo Code: JASMINE





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“The Attempted Killa” Juliana Miller:
San Diego Combat Academy/10th Planet San Diego/Team Hurricane Awesome
20/5’6″/(5-3-0-0) State Rank: 11
Promo Code: JULIANA





Epic 34: Juliana Miller vs. Toodie Marshall – 05.12.17

WCE MMA: Juliana Miller vs. McKenna Mitchell – 03.03.18

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