Epic title contest between Fakhreddine and Gaucho earns fight of the night at BRAVE CF 41

Seef District, Bahrain – An incredible war between two of the strongest Middleweights in the world had fans around the globe on the edge of their seats during just short of 20 minutes, when the BRAVE CF world title challenger Mohammad Fakhreddine scored another incredible KO to snatch the belt from Daniel Gaucho in spectacular fashion. For their efforts in the main event of last week’s BRAVE CF 42, both men received undisclosed fight of the night bonus.

”The Latest” completed one of the greatest comebacks of the year, after battling through a fire that destroyed his home in Lebanon, and of course dealing with the covid-19 pandemic and the traumatic incident in Beirut, last August. On fight night, however, he made history and isolated himself as the biggest legend of the Arab MMA scene.

After winning the first round, Fakhreddine seemed to slow down as the then-champion Daniel grew inside the fight, landing tough shots and avoiding the ground game. During Round 4, however, a reinvigorated Mohammad, who had a cut above his eye, went in for the kill and connected with a perfect straight punch that sent Gaucho to the canvas and initiated a new era in the Middleweight division.

Aside from the bonus, Fakhreddine also broke a record, isolating himself as the only fighter with five knockouts under the BRAVE CF banner. Aside from Gaucho, his previous victims were Vinicius Cruz (BRAVE CF 4), Lukasz Witos (BRAVE CF 6), Christofer Silva (BRAVE CF 27), Kleber Orgulho (BRAVE CF 29).


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