Eponymous Crown Jewel Of MMA; Legacy FC 55 Surfs Top Of Wave – Video Highlights & Photographs

Saturday May 14, 2016 Friday May 13th, 2016 saw a triumphant display of unadulterated skill on display at H-town’s Arena Theatre. Legacy FC, quite possibly the most exciting, professionally run and talent-filled of MMA promotions, put on a magnificent series of fights from the prelims up that thrilled, shocked and brought thousands of fans to “ooohhs, aaahhs and oh shit”!

Legacy 55 showcased a cadre of brilliant fighters putting it all out on the line. Some of these fighters will no doubt impact the sport in the near future.

The Main Card opened with David Acosta (3-1) destroying Humberto DeLeon (7-7) with a rear-naked choke inside of the first round. Acosta drove the fight, dictating terms and never let up. Odds makers would have most certainly hedged their wagers on Acosta.

Next in line was the always ready to scrap Jason Langellier (4-0) vs. Jeremiah Jones (2-5). Langellier has an affinity for flight, as he spent half the bout air borne with flying knees and fists. Langellier brought it and Jones had no answer to the assault. As such, Langellier easily dominated the fight culminating in a first round win via TKO. The knees came in handy this night for the talented Welterweight.

The flyweights came in to showcase their wares led by Roberto Sanchez (5-0) vs. David Waters (1-1). A bout that ended when Sanchez secured a vice grip-like rear-naked choke in the first round.

Alex “Bet on” Black (10-4) unloaded a barrage of punches for Edgar Juarez’s (3-4) consumption, and Juarez obliged eating them with gusto. Black submitted Juarez via arm bar in the first. Watch for Black to make his mark in the Featherweight division.

Bilal Williams (6-2) went after Artenas Young (10-11) and insisted on showcasing his submission technique. To the detriment and chagrin of a flailing Young, Williams went on to apply a solid RNC that ended the fight in round 2. But something happened to both these fighters during the course of their fight. Both tanked and ran out of gas. It was almost comical to watch these gassed athletes punching air repeatedly and not connecting. Though Williams held on for the win, he was as complicit as his foe in displaying a “Dada-esque” performance. This had to be the funniest spectacle from an otherwise superb card. Perhaps both fighters should consider elevation and/or training mask training. Young has his work cut out for him in reversing his lopsided, win to loss ratio.

For the Light Heavies we were treated to a bruisers match up, as Isaac “Hurricane Ike” Villanueva (11-7) came on like gang buster against Brandon Farran (12-12). Initially it was Farran who was the aggressor, picking, jabbing and driving the fight. Every time these two Hulk’s hit the canvas the arena shook. It was back and forth, but Villanueva was able to turn things around; he grabbed some steam and displayed a more tactical and methodical attack. Massive strength and determination was evident between these two monoliths, but in the end, Villanueva was able to pull off a unanimous win. The judges would end up scoring the bout unanimously (30-27, 29-28, 29-28), for Villanueva.

Perhaps the most disappointing and distressing of predicaments to befall a bout is a no-contest decision. The fighters feel cheated of the chance to prove their mettle, the fans display their consternation by booing and shouting negative sweet nothing’s at the refs, and the promotion just lost their marquee bout. There is money, marketing, promotion, sometimes stakeholders, clout, reputation so much that can be impacted. Further, there is the time, money, sweat, training camps and sacrifice the fighters go through- in some cases for a year or more- in preparation for this one moment to validate all they have struggled for. Tacit approval from their peers, legitimatization of their decisions in being fighters, the putting of everything on hold for this one moment in time.

Alas, this was to be the case for the main event featuring Justin Ledet (6-0) vs. Brice Ritani-Coe (4-3). Round one, Ledet throw’s a punch which invariably includes his thumb jutting deep into Ritani-Coe’s eye socket. The poke drew an immediate reaction, as Ritani grimaced in pain and looked visibly distressed. The ref waived off the round and quickly attended to Ritani-Coe. The doctor entered the cage to check the condition of the eye, and upon inspection called off the bout. Ledet too was disappointed, and in fact quite contrite and apologetic. Accidents occur at all sporting events, and the nature of the fighting arts do not implicitly exempt MMA. Blame was not leveled.

The assumption then is that the bout will be re-scheduled for another day, another date and another event.

Legacy FC has become a standard bearer in a fantastic, thriving, explosive industry. It is a promotion dedicated to quality, entertainment value, giving a damn about their fighters, securing the best talent, and perhaps something lacking in bigger more robust competitors, integrity. Bring on the Crown Jewel of MMA.

Highlight video presented by AXS TV FIGHTS commentators Pat Miletich and “The Voice” Michael Schiavello:

Legacy Fighting Championship 55 Official Results:

  • Main Event – Heavyweight Fight – Brice Ritani-Coe (4-3, 1 NC) vs. Justin Ledet (6-0, 1 NC) was ruled a no contest due to an accidental eye poke at 1:37 in round one.
  • Co-Main Event – Middleweight Fight – Ike Villanueva (12-7) topped Brandon Farran (12-12) by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).
  • Middleweight Fight – Bilal Williams (6-2) submitted Artenas Youg (10-11) with a rear naked choke at 3:25 in round two.
  • Catchweight (150 pound) Fight – Alex Black (10-4) scored a first round armbar submission to defeat Edgar Juarez (4-4) at 4:41.
  • Flyweight Fight – Roberto Sanchez (5-0) defeated David Waters (3-1) with a first round rear naked choke submission at 3:19.
  • Welterweight Fight – Jason Langellier (4-0) knocked out Jeremiah Jones (3-4) with a knee at 1:19 in round one.
  • Bantamweight Fight – David Acosta (3-1) caught Humberto DeLeon (7-7) in a rear naked choke submission at 3:28 in round one.

Article/Photographs by: Patrick Courtois



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