By: R Eric Ellsion

Rock Hill, South Carolina’s own Erica Scacchi took to the cage for the first time at Hardplay 4 tonight. Held also in Rock Hill, Hardplay 4 featured  the Modern Warrior prospect getting her first taste of action in front of a crowd, and what a showing in her hometown.

Scacchi, who first came to the gym to simply stay healthy, has now officially made the transition into Southeastern WMMA, with the 145 bracket on fire like never before in the region. With her debut delayed several times, that ended up lending even more excitement to her debut when it finally touched down tonight . There can be no doubt that fans will be clamouring to see her again as soon as possible.

Squaring off against undefeat 145er Shamir Peshewa (3-0) out of Team KMAA Knoxville, Erica Scacchi made sure her debut was a true challenge. One that would prove to herself and the Southeast that she is here and for real. With tons of hype and energy leading into this fight, and billed as one of the top bouts at he event, Scacchi fans expected fireworks.

And boy did they get them. Check out Hardplay or MMA-Insider’s full coverage, I don’t want to spoil the fun. But I will say..

Erica Scacchi (1-0) def Shamir Peshewa (3-1) via Split Decision

Full Fight Card Results

Friday, October 24, 2014
Rock Hill, S.C.

Featherweight (145): Jeremy Cooper (0-0, Independent) vs. Joey Brant (0-0, Ridge Point MMA)

Winner: Jeremy Cooper by KO (round 3)

Welterweight (170): Jon Radford (0-0, Hanebrink Jiu-Jitsu) vs. Kendall McGee (0-0, Gracie Barra Augusta)

Winner: Kendall McGee by KO (round 1)

Featherweight (145): Rashad Hood (2-4, Independent) vs. Paul Teague (1-1, T&S Martial Arts)

Winner: Paul Teague by Split Decision

Bantamweight (135): Bryant Bullock (2-3, Hayastan/Charlotte, N.C.) vs. Caleb Lang (0-0, Ridge Point MMA & Graca Barra Lexington)

Winner: Bryant Bullock by Kimura (round 3)

Light Heavyweight (205): Wayne Martin (2-0, Team ROC) vs. Avery Evans (1-0, Modern Warrior/Rock Hill, S.C.)

Winner: Wayne Martin by Split Decision

Bantamweight (135): Randy Ortiz (2-2, Hayastan/Charlotte, N.C.) vs. Jose Davila (1-3, Superior Martial Arts/Claremont, N.C.)

Winner: Randy Ortiz by Unanimous Decision

Featherweight (145) Female: Shamir Peshewa (3-0, KMAA/Knoxville, Tenn.) vs. Erica Scacchi (0-0, Modern Warrior/Rock Hill, S.C.)

Winner: Erica Scacchi by Split Decision

Vacant Hard Play Middleweight (185) Title: Clifton Davis (3-0, FE MMA) vs. Justin Hatcher (4-5, Martinsville, Va.)

Winner: Clifton Davis by Rear Naked Choke (round 1) to become the new champion

Hard Play Bantamweight (135) Champion: Billy Alexander (Champion) (3-0, Superior Mixed Martial Arts) vs. Austin Drake (3-2, Gracie Barra Lexington/Lexington, S.C.)

Winner: Billy Alexander by Guillotine (round 1)

Lightweight (155) Pro: Nick Gehrts (Pro debut; 6-2 amateur, KMAA/Knoxville, Tenn.) vs. Daniel Terry (1-5)

Winner: Nick Gehrts by Unanimous Decision

*Image: Rucker Entertainment

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