Esports Boxing Club: New Boxing Game

When most people think of the fastest growing sports worldwide, they probably think of basketball, football, or soccer. What most people would not think of is esports. Esports have been growing significantly over the last 10 years and could have a major breakthrough soon. 

With this growth, you can expect online casinos to grow with them. Betting will always be a big part of online events, especially when an instant withdrawal casino is the host. 

If you are a fan of sports, there are plenty of games that will give you the ability to play the sports you love from home. However, one fanbase that has been neglected in the video game industry for years is boxing fans. 2011 was the last time a boxing game with top-of-the-line graphics was released.

However, a new boxing game has been released: Esports Boxing Club. This game is a boxing simulation featuring new and improved graphics never before seen in a boxing game. With it, the developers hope an esports scene can flourish.

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When Will It Be Released?

Fans have waited for an esports boxing game for a long time. Unfortunately, they will need to wait a little longer. Developers only started to build the game in 2019.

Creating a game takes a long time, as thousands of hours of coding, art, and design are required. As a result, the game may still be a few years away from its release. That being said, once it is released, it will be available on all platforms.

Who Will Be Featured In the Game?

This revealed boxing simulation game is generating some excitement. As a result, fans are starting to ask questions about what will be in the game. In a boxing game, the biggest questions revolve around who will be featured. 

Luckily, you can expect a list of legendary boxers to appear in the game. Boxers and ring announcers like Craig Stephen, Ricky Hatton, and Frank Bruno will make an appearance. You can also expect names such as Sunny Edwards, Andrew Maloney, Johnny Nelson, and Kid Galahad. 

What Should We Expect from the Game?

Fans have had years to speculate on what types of game modes will be present. So, it is only natural that that is one of the first questions people are asking after the game was announced. Fortunately, there will be multiple game modes for you to enjoy as soon as the game is released.

There are expected to be three major game modes, most notably, career mode. 

In career mode, you take the role of a professional boxer. You will need to work on your body, strength, and stamina to improve. As your career progresses, you will fight different levels of fighters until you are competing to be the World Champion. 

Will Esports Boxing Club be Better Than Its Predecessor?

Fight Night was the game released before this, and it was the most popular boxing game of the decade. It had every fighter you would want to play as, and the gameplay was stellar. However, the game was released almost 10 years ago.

You can expect this game to be an improvement. However, whether it will be comparable for its time is uncertain. Fight Night was revolutionary for its time; will Esports Boxing Club be the same?

Only time will tell whether Esports Boxing Club has the same appeal as Fight Night. However, from everything that has been announced so far, it sounds like a good group of developers has been hired. As a result, we should be able to expect a high-quality game going forward. 

Will It Make a Splash In Esports?

The esports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in entertainment. However, it can be challenging for a new game to develop a scene for itself. This is especially true for sports games.

The most popular esports titles are shooters and MOBAs like League of Legends, CSGO, Overwatch, and Dota. These games have a massive following and will likely be around for a long time. No sports game has been as successful in esports as these games.

Although sports games like Madden and Fifa have massive fanbases, they don’t draw in esports fans like the games listed above. This might be because the fans that would be interested in those games will watch the real-life version of the sport.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any seen for Esports Boxing Club. It certainly could develop a niche scene; it just won’t be huge. Think more along the lines of Smash Bros than League of Legends.

Even if it only develops a small scene, we can expect there to be betting. As experts like Lucas Goldberg know, esports is massive in the betting world. So, expect big bets to be made on this game if it develops any sort of esports scene.

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The Future of Esports Boxing Club

The future of Esports Boxing Club is unclear as it is still early in development. However, that shouldn’t stop fans from getting excited for a game they have been anticipating for a decade.

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