Eva Marie’s Best Shot At Success


Wednesday November 4, 2015– Natalie Eva Marie made her debut right around Wrestlemania 29 when the hit TV show Total Divas first aired.  The Bay Area product was shown as the next top diva who has sex appeal, but also a diva who is in top shape.  With the show airing on the E network, it focused on The Bella Twins and there shot up to the top, Nataly Neidhart and her husband Tyson Kidd, and aside from the other divas on the show the cameras focused on the two new divas Eva Marie and Jojo.  When an early feud began between the Bellas and Marie, Eva dyed her hair red to separate herself from the other divas, really making herself stick out.  Over time as the show ran on, Eva really saw herself become one of the most hated divas in the business.  With her careless attitude and doing whatever it takes to get to the top even if that means stepping on other divas toes in the process.  When a setback occurred due to a feud on camera, news leaked of some explicit pictured from back when Eva was a model.  As Eva went on to explain that she was abusing alcohol at the time and wasn’t making the right decisions, she lined herself up with the wrong people and found herself in a really bad place.  After hitting rock bottom and gaining the love and support from her family, Eva cleaned herself up and changed her lifestyle and began to make her way to becoming a professional wrestler.

Before she knew it Eva was in matches on Raw, and with very little training her lack of skills showed in the ring.  Every real wrestling fan knows that when your skills don’t show they will be the first ones to let you know about it.  After winning some matches in the way the fans don’t want to see, the boos came down hard and the “You can’t wrestle” chants had begun.  When you’re trained in the developmental process you’re not only taught how to safely perform moves, but you’re also taught how to react to crowds and there chants and how to handle every type of fan there is good or bad.  From this observer I could tell no matter how thick-skinned she was, it was affecting her.  Eva’s carrer would soon take a bad turn as she was injured and set on the shelf for an extended period of time.  As she recovered she began to train outside of the performance center, by choosing to train in California with Brian Kendrick.  That move upset her fellow divas, but as Eva has shown in the past she does what she wants when she wants how she wants.  Making her return to NXT as a single superstar her skills are greatly improved.  She has since formed a faction with fellow NXT diva Alexa Bliss, while both divas play heels they are doing their best shot to get to the top.

When I analyze what Eva has done and what she has in her future, I look back at what divas have done in the past.  Trish Stratus, Lita, Sable, and the list goes on and on all started as managers.  Eva skills in the ring and on the mic have improved a lot that is no doubt, but the path she is on in NXT she is not going to find herself on the main roster anytime soon.  Pairing up Eva with a top name like a Ziggler who is in a feud with Summer Rae and new call up Tyler Breeze or even with a Cesaro who is on a role now and could use a manager to help shoot him to the top.  Also if you become a manager you look back at what it did for past divas, the fans fall in love with you in no time.  Not just the guys but also the women who see how hard you work, but also the work you put in to help you superstar rise to the top.  During the time that you are being a manager, you have time to train and there is no pressure to shine right away.  The extra time can be spent to get yourself ready for when you get the call to become an active superstar.  I have been hard on Eva in the past I won’t hide that, but I believe in her I have met her in person at her first public signing in Sacramento California and she was a really nice person and took time to talk to every fan.  In my eyes she can make it to the top one day as a really good heel maybe one the best the industry has ever seen, or even become that baby face that all the men want and all the women want to be. In conclusion I would love to see Eva paired with a rising superstar, earn the respect from the fans.  Work hard and grind nonstop until your shot comes, and take your run to the title.

By: Rick San Bartolome

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