EXCLUSIVE: Christine Ferea Less Than Impressed With Bec Rawling’s BKFC 4 Win, Willing To Exploit Holes In Boxing, But Won’t Wait Around Forever

Following Bare Knuckle FC 4: USA vs. Mexico in Cancun this past weekend, Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea, who is 1-0 in bare knuckle boxing is less than impressed with the current BKFC 125lbs champion, Bec Rawlings after her performance against Cecilia Ulloa Flores.

Ferea, who has a win over UFC’s Rachael Ostovich, and made her BKB debut at BKFC 3 against Jennifer Tate, stopping her at the end of the very first round by way of technical knockout. Since then, ‘Misfit’ has been vocal on social media about wanting a fight with Rawlings, promising a dethroning of the current ‘Queen’.

When David Feldman, president of BKFC announced the promotions fourth event in Mexico, Ferea would lobby for what seems to be a fan favorite fight with Bec, however, the promotion had other plans, giving Flores the opportunity in her home country. Nothing has changed despite not getting the call to fight for the title, as Ferea still eyes a future fight with Rawlings, however, she has another fight currently in the works, where she will look to make her case for a no. 1 contender spot.

Christine Ferea spoke with FightBook MMA about potential fight with now Bare Knuckle FC Police Gazette World Diamond Champion and WBF Flyweight Champion, her struggles within combat sports and up-and-coming fight.

I am 100% fighter. I never had a specific taste for any certain combat, just knew I wanted to fight. I never followed very closely to specific fighter since day one. My heart said I can beat those chicks in that ring and I went full force at it not knowing the politic side or skill set, time, and commitment it really took. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. I was naive enough to believe that if you train your ass off and commit everything falls into place and that is furthest from the truth. I never played the pretty game or try to get attention by kissing ass or showing ass, I literally bury myself in the toughest situations and try to come out on top. I don’t always succeed in the gyms but that’s part of the process. The hits, the injuries, relentless discipline is what I feel it takes to be a successful fighter. But it seems that for some reason all that isn’t enough. What will it take to let a fighter fight and prove that they are the best fighter?” Christine Ferea continues, “Isn’t that the whole point of this? I don’t need easy fights to make me look good. I’d rather get beat by a better fighter then to go home winning a person I know was set up to lose. Many people may say it’s not smart, but that’s who I am. Anyways that’s a little about me.” As ‘Misfit’ addresses Bec Rawlings, “Regarding the bare knuckle (BKFC) 125lb champion right now and her performance at BKFC 4, well I’m not very impressed. She’s the same fighter every fight and the holes are huge as a boxer, and I’m willing to exploit them easily and quickly. I’m not one to disrespect someone for no reason at all, or downplay success, these are just my opinions about her as an athlete and champion. I won in better fashion then she has in three fights put together. I deserve a shot, but will jump through the required hoops, because I enjoy the process and expect to earn everything I get. My next fight is still in the works, my management team is still working on details. It could be bare knuckle, MMA, muay thai or boxing. I’m not going to wait around for a champion that isn’t willing to fight the top talent, that is not what I’m here for. I’m here to make a living for my family and show to myself who I am against great talent.”

Christine Ferea then directly addresses the champion, saying:

“Bec (Rawlings) and I want the same thing, I got to go through her to get it, so stop hiding and ducking. I’m gonna hit her and she is gonna hit me. I don’t dance with the Stars; it’s a fight so let’s do this.”

Ferea was in preparation for a fight in March, but dates have since changed, and remains optimistic she will fight again soon.

Click here for the Bare Knuckle FC 4 results.




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