Exclusive FightBook MMA breaking news on Brandi Narvaez

Thursday February 11, 2016 Exciting news in the world of WMMA! After going 3-0 (2 by TKO) as an amateur Narvaez is making her debut as a pro on April 2, 2016 in Dallas Texas with SCC. Brandi is also the winner of our First Annual MMA awards for hottest female fighter.

We chatted with the wife of UFC fighter Roger Narvaez recently on balancing family, fighting and her future.

What’s it like being part of a couple who both fight?

“CRAZY! In the back of our heads it would be awesome to fight on the same card. our support for each other is what truly drives us both to be the best.”

How do you balance training with family time?

“I am fortunate to have an amazing job with Armadillo sports Chiropractic who understands family first. It is not easy at all but I have a son who understands what I want to accomplish and who believes in me 100%. He makes it easy for me to follow my dreams. My daughter is my mini me and joins in on a lot of my training lol just not the punching part. My schedule is extremely crazy-hectic, but I make it work from my fight team coming in on days that there is no training so I can make it out-of-town for baseball to my coaches putting countless hours of privates during my lunch break. Needless to say I have an amazing team, amazing family, and amazing work family that all believe in me. It’s pretty amazing”

Where do you hope to go from here?

“It’s not about how far I want to go but how far God wants to take me”

Any one you would like to thank on your journey to this point?

“I would love to thank Armadillo Sports Chiropractic, Montez Electric Company out of Alice, Lou Man Wireless, Ricardo & Wanda with Da Firma, G.E.A.R., Rocks Supplements and most important The hubs Roger Narvaez, Rudy Valenzuela @Weapons at Hand, Aurelio Gallegos with Presa BJJ. And my teammates thanks for always making the fight game extra fun”

Brandi is sure to bring exciting fights in the future and we wish her all the best in her professional MMA debut!



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