Exploring the Best Workouts for Developing Fighting Skills

Fighting, or martial arts, is a discipline that requires much practice to develop skills. The training that fighters engage in aims to improve stamina while increasing power, striking capabilities and defensive techniques. As in any discipline, there are varied schools of thought on proper training techniques for the martial arts and so many fighters have their own personal routines. 

When the discussion turns to training, you might ask, what is a thermogenic? Thermogenics are fat burners, which is certainly an element of most fitness and training routines. For as many potential exercises and techniques are employed with resistance and aerobic training, there is overlap. There are common exercises that great fighters, and those who strive to become great fighters, engage in. 

The Honor-the-Basics Workout 

Push-ups and pull-ups are tied to strengthening the human body with an iron cord. They are ancient exercises in which performance can only be achieved when you can successfully handle your body’s weight. They’re survival exercises. Can you lift yourself off of the ground? Can you do it when you’re exhausted or under duress? 

Pull-ups develop the muscles in your upper back, which are essential for the pulling motions involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They strengthen your core, your shoulders, forearms and chest. They are the perfect, and perfectly simple, exercise for developing power and stamina.

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Push-ups may be the most humble exercise but it’s also one of the most quietly powerful. The pushing motion, against the force of your own weight, builds strength in your arms, core and legs that transfers to more power in your punches. Push-ups are an exercise that adds strength and stamina to your striking technique.

Remember the Burpees

Burpees demand a lot and they don’t get any easier as the reps add up. Consider how the act of sprawling and then leaping to your feet could apply to the fighting scenario. Burpees can be done anywhere or applied to a workout that also combines cardio training with arm weights like dumbbells or a curling bar. 

Burpees not only prepare your body for grappling scenarios, but they also get your heart rate up quickly, building endurance and cardiovascular fitness. They stress quickness and the ability to readjust. Like a good coach, you don’t have to like them, but they will prepare you for the fight. 

Do the Deadlift

Deadlifts emphasize good form, and so, they stress discipline under duress. They activate your hamstrings, glutes, core and lower back muscles. They also strengthen your grip, which better prepares you for close-quarter fighting. Deadlifts activate your hip extensors and also prepare you for battle and help you recover by reducing lower back pain.

Train Your Muscles With Overhead Presses

Overheads generally involve lifting kettlebells or dumbbells over your head from your shoulders. They strengthen your deltoids and train your shoulders to keep your guard up, especially when fatigue sets in. This exercise also strengthens your core, lower back and spinal stabilizers and add size and strength to your trapezius muscle.

Get Down to Roadwork

Cardio is so important to any fighter in a way that is different from other disciplines because the intensity level of a fight is so high. Committing to hitting your mileage and pushing yourself to the edges of your endurance is a proper way to begin or end a workout. Cardio has also been proven to help sharpen the brain, too, which can help you make faster decisions when every second counts.

The best workouts for fighting address the needs that a fighter will need against an opponent, of which there are many. Besides developing strength and stamina, they need to also develop workouts that address specific strategies and fighting techniques, as well as focus. By combining some of the most elemental training techniques with modern fighter training techniques, you can craft workout routines that can get you into fighting shape, without sparing the horses. 


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