Eye vs. Correia: The Fight that Should Have Happened

Saturday July 25, 2015– UFC Fight Night Chicago fight fans will see former Strike Force champion Miesha Tate face fellow top 5 female bantamweight Jessica Eye. With a great performance, the winner of the co-main event is likely to face the winner of the title fight between Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia. But are these the best fights for both Jessica Eye and Bethe Correia?

The champion has made it look easy against the top 5 women in the division except for Jessica Eye, so it made sense that Jessica Eye thought she would be getting the next title shot and even threaten to punch someone if she didn’t. But she should have instead asked for a fight against Bethe Correia with a title shot on the line. Both women are in the top ten of the division and are coming off victories.

Correia demonstrated her punching power against two of The Four Horse Women while Jessica Eye came back from a loss to Alexis Davis and almost knocked off Leslie Smith’s ear. Both women however, have not done enough to warrant their current matchups, at least to most MMA fans. Both Rousey and Tate are heavy favorites in either match up so why jump into a do or die situation? If Bethe Correia losses to Rousey, she is likely to drop down from her current #7 ranking and if Jessica Eye losses to Tate she will no longer be in the top 5.

The best match up for both Eye and Correia is one that give fights fans a chance to see what they can do. A macth between the two would give Eye a chance to prove that she can hold her own against a fighter with punching power. It would also give Correia the opportunity to prove she can defeat a top 5 ranked opponent. This also would have kept the division interesting to fight fans. While a rematch between Rousey and Tate makes sense, fight fans don’t want the division title to be contested by the same fighters.

By: Alex Barrientos MMA_Fan

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