Fakhreddine to train alongside Selwady at Fortis MMA

Mohammad Ali Fakhreddine has revealed his training camp at Fortis MMA in Dallas,Texas. Fortis MMA is home for Abdul Kareem Al Selwady who fights in the Lightweight division of Brave Combat Federation. Al Selwady is among the highly successful Middle Eastern fighters winning all four fights he had in Brave Combat Federation. His recent victory was against Charlie Leary who is currently signed with Bellator. Fortis MMA is also home to Husam Mubarak Al Selwady who is the father of Abdul Kareem who is widely regarded as one among the top coaches of Arab origin.

Fakhreddine had focused heavily on the striking game throughout his career setting his previous camps in Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket. The shift to Fortis MMA will add more ammunition in the arsenal of the former Desert Force Champion. The fight team at Fortis MMA is widely regarded for a balanced and strategic approach.

Fakhreddine faced his first and only knockout defeat in Jordan at the hands of Tahar Hadbi. The fight was a rematch after the initial bout in Bahrain at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions ended in a no-contest when Fakhreddine couldn’t continue after a second accidental low blow during the fight. The move to Fortis MMA will not only give the edge for Fakhreddine to get back to his game but will also prove vital as he has announced about a probable return soon after Brave 12: KHK Legacy.

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