Falls Count Anywhere Match Signed for MLW’s Chicago Return

Chicago, IL – Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) today announced a Falls Count Anywhere match: Mads Krule Krugger vs. Matthew Justice at the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion of the AZTECA LUCHA event from the sold out Cicero Stadium in Chicago on Saturday, May 11.

This falls count anywhere match is a part of the beIN SPORTS TV taping portion of the event.

Known for being unpredictable, two of the most extreme brawlers in the sport will square off in a match where winning won’t be confined to the ring. They are sanctioned to fight anywhere until someone is pinned in the city of Chicago! It’s a falls count anywhere match!

Justice, renowned for his fearless approach to combat, is a high-risk, high-reward brawler who thrives on the edge of chaos. Thriving on the thrill of danger, Justice promises to take this match wherever it may go to defeat the “Black Hand of CONTRA,” Mads Krule Krugger.

Opposing him is the merciless war machine, Mads Krule Krugger, commander of the infamous CONTRA Unit. As the embodiment of CONTRA’s mantra as the “International Dealers of Violence,” Krugger leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.

There will be no safe haven as anarchy is ignited when Justice and Krugger take their battle all over Cicero Stadium.

CONTRA Unit, an international cabal, has redefined the meaning of terror since their reemergence earlier this year. With vicious attacks on MLW’s roster, including Satoshi Kojima, Okumura, Justice and 1 Called Manders, CONTRA has instilled fear and terror throughout the league.

However, Justice has had enough of Krugger’s psychological warfare and propaganda. Determined to make Krugger bleed, Justice has seized the opportunity to settle the score in the most brutal fashion possible.

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•Sami Callihan
•Jake Crist

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