This past December the UFC announced the signing of former WWE wrestler CM Punk to the UFC. The internet instantly went a buzz with back lash of this decision. Not many have had positive remarks on this topic and really didn’t know what their plans were with him. Many showed concern over signing a guy who has had very little experience in MMA and really only had a big name to bring to the table. A huge question people were asking who would he first fight? Will the UFC give him a low level fighter to give him an easy win or would they give him a big name?

CEO Lorenzo Fertitta recently sat down with ESPN and spoke about the subject giving us a deeper insight on CM Punk.

“I think it has to be somebody with some level of credentials. It’s not just going to be some guy off the street. It’s going to be somebody who is a professional mixed martial artist — certainly somebody who MMA media will recognize and know… But I guarantee you it will be a competitive guy… We’re going to find out what he can bring to the table. We’re confident he has the skills to fight. We don’t know exactly what level yet. Sometimes, you’ve got to invest in what we call ‘fighter development.’ We’ve done it before and guys have developed into very competitive fighters, and we’ve done it where guys have not.”

This certainly not answering the question of whom, but hopefully we will soon know the answers to the many burning questions surrounding CM Punk.