Fight Gym Combat 9 Results and Video Highlights

The ninth edition of Fight Gym Combat took place last weekend in the city of Sao Jose Do Rio Pardo in the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The event was held at the Surian Fight Gym Training Center, and featured 2 MMA fights, 2 Boxing fights and 3 Submission fights. Check out the full results of the ninth edition of Fight Gym Combat including some footage from the night.

December 14, 2019
Surian Fight Gym Training Center
Sao Jose Do Rio Pardo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Main fight
MMA up to 84kg
Paulo Surian won
Julierme Silva by American (Foot) submission at 1m25s of first round
referee: Vitor Sales

MMA Up to 93 Kg
Bruno Scarpel “The Phenomenon” beat Jorlan Eduardo by TKO (first round punch) at 1m20s of first round
referee: Gabriel Labestein


Victor Sales won Wellinton Unanime Decision War
referee: Gabriel Labestein

Guilherme Arede defeated Rafael Silva by Unanime Decision
referee: Gabriel Labestein


Junior “Prince” Martins and Germano Carvalho finished the fight tied
referee: Gabriel Labestein

Douglas Melo beat Ewerton Freitas by submission (North-South choke)
referee: Gabriel Labestein

Igor Perri and Joao Henrique Martins ended the fight tied
referee: Gabriel Labestein


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