With the books closed on the September 13th event from Brasilia, Brazil what have we learned? As many fight fans know, fight cards don’t answer nearly as many questions as we would hope. It’s actually just the opposite, more questions arise.

This event had many questions going in, the biggest war “Why do I want to watch this?” that was a question I asked myself more than once. But, fight fans watch fights; I’ve sat through worse boxing cards and had fun doing it. So here we go with our recap.

We star with the main event, Antonio Silva vs. Andrei Arlovski. This is a rematch from when the two fought back in 2010, while both were fighting under the Strikeforce banner. Silva won via UD, this fight didn’t go that way. It neither went the distance nor did Bigfoot win. During the feel out process of the opening round, Arlovski landed two beautiful right hands and the subsequent hammer fist ground and pound sealed the deal on this heavyweight tilt.

Winner: Andrei Arlovski KO round one 2:59

Gleison Tibau vs. Piotr Hallman faced off in the co-main event in the 155lb division. A good physical fight, a few strong strikes early from Tibau and Hallmann weathered those nicely. Strong back and forth fights, that I must admit I did have to go back and revisit. Not a whole lot about this fight stood out in my mind. A true fight of attrition that was better, if not more memorable the second time around. It was ruled a split decision though I saw it a unanimous decision for Tibau. Either way it was a good, yet not terribly exciting fight. Won fight if the Night honors.

Winner: Tibau, split decision

Leonardo Santos vs. Efrain Escudero, this was my pick for Fight of the Night. Multi-time Jiu Jitsu world champion and winner of TUF: Brazil 2 walked to the cage using the Pride FC theme. “A good bit of fun that was, Escudero winner of TUF: Nogueira vs. Mir (lightweight) made his return to the UFC, the often signed, released, re-signed, then only to be released again lightweight, returned after 5 fights outside of the UFC. Again I thought this should have been FOTN, but that went to Tibau/Hallmann. Santos came out strong landing hard strikes, pushed the pace a bit. He was perhaps looking for an early crowd pleasing finish, which he didn’t get. What he did get was gassed a bit; he clearly came out slower and a bit lethargic in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. However, Santos did gut through it, and he did threaten Escudero with submissions when he took his back. He earned his unanimous decision victory.

Winner: Santos, unanimous decision

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Wendell Oliveira, these two came out swinging; neither fighter was fighting for a decision. A strong left hook and the barrage of punches that followed made sure that the judges wouldn’t be needed. Despite Oliveira seeming to be alright after Mario Yamasaki waved the fight off he was out, and was spared more of a beating.

Winner: Ponzinibbio, KO round 1, 1:20

Iuri Alcantra vs. Russell Doane, was good bantamweight fight, Doane didn’t have much answer for Alcantra in the striking game. Unfortunately for Doane when he was able to get the fight to the ground he wasn’t able to keep it there.

Winner: Alcantra, unanimous decision.

Jessica Andrade vs. Larissa Pacheco, Andrade came out blazing and looking to so serious damage, and that she did. An early takedown and nasty ground and pound lead to a submission victory for Jessica.

Winner: Andrade, Submission (guillotine choke) round one, 4:33

The full results are as follows.

Heavyweight: Andrei Arlovski def. Antonio Silva KO 1 (2:59)

Lightweight: Gleison Tibau def. Piotr Hallmann SD

Lightweight: Leonardo Santos def. Efrain Escuderos UD

Welterweights: Santiago Ponzinibbio def. Wendell Oliveira TKO 1 (1:20)

Bantamweight: Iuri Alcantra def. Russell Doane UD

Women’s Bantamweight: Jessica Andrade def. Larissa Pacheco Sub. (guillotine choke) 1 (4:33)

Featherweight: Godofredo Castro def. Dashon Johnson Sub (mounted triangle armbar) 1 (4:29)

Welterweight: George Sullivan def. Igor Araujo KO 2 (2:31)

Lightweight: Francisco Trinaldo def. Leandro Silva UD

Welterweight: Sean Spenser def. Paulo Thiago UD

Bantamweight: Rani Yahya def. Johnny Bedford Sub (kimura) 2 (2:04)

Bonus Awards

Fight of Then Night: Gleison Tibau vs. Piotr Hallmann

Performance of the Night: Andrei Arlovski vs. Godofredo Castro

To see my pick for future matchmaking for the night’s big winners, click  here .

Photo Courtesy of Getty images By: Josh Hedges

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