Fight Scout App Partners with Prospect Amateurs on Broadcasting Deal

Sofia, Bulgaria – Fight Scout, the world’s premier app for combat sports enthusiasts, proudly announces its official partnership with Prospect Amateurs, the rapidly expanding amateur league dedicated to nurturing future Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) stars. Launched recently in the United States, Prospect Amateurs has quickly gained international acclaim, spreading its roots into Columbia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Central Asia.

Under this partnership, Fight Scout will serve as the exclusive platform for broadcasting all Prospect Amateurs events, providing fans worldwide with access to the exciting matches. Additionally, it offers a unique experience that allows viewers to switch camera angles, create video highlights during the stream, and post them on social media. Viewers can also participate in activities such as voting for their favorite fighter and more. Fighters interested in joining the Prospect Amateurs league can now conveniently apply to participate through the Fight Scout app, using an approach similar to the LinkedIn experience for business professionals.

Fight Scout stands out as the first-ever app tailored specifically for combat sports, offering a multitude of benefits to participants, fans, and the broader combat sports community. This innovative platform allows users to explore and connect with the global combat sports community, creating a unique marketplace that brings together enthusiasts, fighters, and organizations, all free of charge.

Prospect Amateurs aims to provide fighters with little to no experience in bare-knuckle boxing an opportunity to test their abilities and skills. The league adopts boxing rules but introduces small MMA gloves, creating a unique and challenging environment for participants. Fighters who successfully complete 3-5 fights in this format become eligible for selection in the BKFC Prospect Series, a stepping stone to BKFC numbered events and potential multi-fight contracts.

Commenting on the collaboration, Lubomir Guedjev, founder & CEO at Fight Scout, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Prospect Amateurs in promoting and elevating this new format on a global scale. Fight Scout’s mission aligns seamlessly with the vision of Prospect Amateurs – to provide a platform for upcoming fighters and enthusiasts to connect, showcase their skills, and take their passion to new heights.”

Prospect Amateurs founder Nelson Lopez expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Partnering with Fight Scout opens up incredible opportunities for our league and this collaboration enhances our reach, allowing us to promote the sport around the world in a combat sport focused environment, while helping us to grow using stats from the live stream with which we can indicate new trends, countries where the interest is higher, fighters that drive more traffic to the live feed and more.”

Fight Scout stands out as the first-ever app tailored specifically for all combat sports and martial arts, offering a multitude of benefits to each category of users, from athletes and managers of fighters to promoters and organizers of amateur competitions in all disciplines, all free of charge.

Key benefits of Fight Scout App include:

  • New era of Connectivity: Users create professional profiles reflecting their category and find what they need using industry-specific filters, reducing the time to connect globally. For instance, a promoter seeking a last-minute replacement fighter can input criteria into smart search fields, and Fight Scout AI tools will instantly display the number of users meeting those criteria. No other platform provides a search engine with filters like weight, age, record, country, continent, wins, styles, etc.
  • Event Broadcasting: With its trademark feature and in-house streaming app, Fight Scout lets fans control their viewing experience by streaming multiple fighting areas with various camera angles simultaneously. The tool is highly engaging, allowing users to switch between mat numbers or camera angles, track the entire competition, and create instant video highlights for social media sharing. It’s the most affordable solution on the market, with no hidden costs, rights acquisition, lengthy contracts, or data access issues. Promoters using the streaming tools maintain full control and ownership of their content, along with real-time stats on viewers and revenue.
  • Fighter Opportunities: No other product allows fighters to apply for events like Fight Scout. Users create profiles with relevant information to enhance their selection chances, find events seeking fighters, and apply directly in the app. Promoters can review candidates, share profiles with matchmakers, and optimize match-ups for event success. Additionally, fighters can scout for managers to build their dream career, checking and rating the profiles and experiences of both managers and promoters they’ve worked with.
  • One place for everything: Fight Scout serves as the essential tool for martial art participants. Athletes store key documents, medical tests, passport copies, and media in profiles. Coaches add diplomas and licenses, while organizations, like US Athletic Commissioners, approve event participation through accessible documentation. The integrated chat feature streamlines professional communication in one place. 

Fight Scout and Prospect Amateurs are poised to revolutionize the landscape of combat sports, providing exceptional opportunities for fighters, fans, and the entire community. Download the Fight Scout app today on the iOS App Store and Google Play to join the revolution.

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