FightBook MMA announces partnership with Change Force Brand

FIghtBook MMA is proud to announce that we will be partnering up with CBD company Change Force Brand who are 100% veteran owned company. 

CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto Villa states:

It’s an honor partnering up with this company. First because they’re Marine Veterans and second they want to help people change their lives and educate on what CBD can do for us. They’re also MMA fans and want to help up-and-comers. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!!

Owner of Change Force Brand Shawn Patrick states:

Change Force is owned by 2 Marine Corps Veterans myself and Dominic Golini as well as Coast Guard Officer Bruce Tobey. Change Force Brand is happy to partner up with FightBook MMA because we are MMA fans, we sponsor up and coming fighters, and we want to help athletes recover their mind and bodies.

About Change Force BrandChangeForce is a lifestyle brand committed to changing ourselves and the world for the better. It represents strength, courage, and positivity. We want to create a community that is focused on fitness, pushing the limits in team sports and extreme sports, projecting self confidence, and caring for one another.

ChangeForce is 100% veteran owned. We want everyone from the veteran community, to the yoga and CrossFit communities, to the average citizen who loves adventure and physical activity to identify and connect with the brand.

It is the mission of ChangeForce to better the lives of our followers by providing high quality nutritional supplements along with functional clothing, activewear, and accessories to compliment their health and fitness conscious lifestyles.

We will give back a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations including but not limited to those serving veterans and their families. Stand by for details!

Check out what we have to offer by going here