FightBook MMA CEO Roberto Villa named Director of Cage Gladiators USA

Cage Gladiators is based out of Ireland and is owned and operated by IFC and is recognized as a fighting organization around the world.

The promotion announced today that CEO of FightBook MMA Roberto VIlla has been appointed as Director of Cage Gladiators USA. IF you want to fight for the promotion you need to register at

Roberto Villa states: “This is truly an honor to be named Director of Cage Gladiators USA. What we have in store for the fighters and the fans is going to be something special. Cage Gladiators is worldwide and to be able to be involved with the promotion here in the states is an opportunity of a life time. FightBook MMA has always been a fighters first website and this is what we will bring to the table with Cage Gladiators USA. The promotion will be the first to take care of thier fighters long after they retire. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

Cage Gladiators athletes will have their own fight gear, the best accommodations, the best transportation and a full time career. They will be the first promotion to have a pension and a retirement plan.

Ian Diclson from Cage Gladiators had this to say: “Our goals and aims at Cage Gladiators worldwide are to have an organisation which all athletes will be happy with and have a long and fruitful career in health wealth and prosperity. Each country who is an out post of Cage Gladiators will have attached to them a rehabilitation youth of their country. This is to help young athletes coming up through the ranks and onto pro levels. Each pro athlete who is on board with us and contracted in there country of origin, will have a pension plan contracted to their career. So any illness or retirement they will be well looked after and their family. Get on board, registration is open on you can only be on board if you are registered with us. We will be the biggest the best in the combat sports world. We are a family.”

Stay tuned to FightBook MMA as we will announce when and where the first Cage Gladiators USA event will take place.

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