FightBook MMA T-shirt Giveaway

FightBook MMA is always giving back to our fans. What we’re doing is giving the winner a FightBook MMA T-Shirt. We’re only doing this on all the UFC PPV events. Only US residents can play.

Don’t miss your chance to win, go to the home page of our website and subscribe to our email list. Invite your friends and family to join the fun. Check out what else we have at our Merchandise Store by going here. Below you will find the rules on how to play to win yourself a FightBook MMA T-shirt.


How to play:

  1. In the comment section from the article published, pick the fighter to win. Only the main event fight.
  2. Pick how they’re going to win. Either by KO, TKO or Tapout. (You can’t pick a win by any form of decision, if the fight ends this way there will be no winner)
  3. Pick what round they’re going to win.
  4. Pick the time it will happen. The way this works if you pick 3:10 and the other person picks 3:20 and the official time was 3:15, we will round up not down.
  5. That’s it. Have fun!

We will publish an article with a poll to pick your fighter. Once the main event starts we will close off the comment section and you will have to wait to play until the next PPV event. Thanks for playing.