FightBookMMA Announces Partnership with StrongBoard Balance®


Rio Rancho, NM (Friday, November 25, 2016) is proud to announce that we will be working with StrongBoard Balance®. They are a health and wellness company which they make the best balance board and fitness products on the planet.

CEO and Owner of FightBookMMA Roberto Villa stated:

“This is very exciting news to be able to be working alongside with such a great company. StrongBoard Balance® in my opinion is one of the best balance boards out in the market. Sure there are other “balance boards” out there, but rest assure that nobody can beat what StrongBoard Balance® can deliver. What is more exciting is that anyone in the US can benefit from FREE Shipping just by using the Coupon Code: FIGHTBOOK. I can’t wait to see where this new partnership will take us in the near future.

StrongBoard Balance® believes that everyone has the right to be fit, for that reason they have created this balance board that is portable and electricity-free. The way it works is that it uses a platform that rests upon four compression springs, which allows people to train using their own body-weight for resistance during full-motion exercises. These individuals have experienced real results faster than traditional core workouts that target the same muscle groups. Anyone can benefit from StrongBoard Balance® not matter your fitness level or age as it will help you look, feel and improve in balance, core strength, agility, and posture.

The creators of StrongBoard Balance® inked and endorsement deal last year (2015) with mixed martial artists Uriah “Primetime” Hall.

Uriah Hall states:

“I’m very pleased to partner with StrongBoard Balance® to create the Primetime balance board,” Hall said. “I’ve been a huge fan of StrongBoard Balance® for a while now, as it’s become a staple of my daily workouts.”

“I love StrongBoard’s sturdy construction and great design, which provides a unique and challenging workout, all while improving the balance I need as an athlete and a fighter,” added Hall. “Whether doing squats, using weights, or doing pushups, it’s the perfect tool to work every major muscle needed to perform at a higher level!”

Mike Curry, fitness expert and creator of StrongBoard Balance states:

“We’re honored to partner with Uriah for our first endorsement deal and present the limited edition Primetime Board,” said Mike Curry as he continues to say “Uriah uses StrongBoard in his daily workouts, and his sincerity makes him a great brand ambassador.”

“We have been following Uriah’s career for some time, and we see leadership skills, strength, tenacity, and dedication to everything he commits to,” added Curry. “He is philanthropic and kind, and he strives for the betterment of himself and others. This is something we all aspire to, and it’s an honor to have him on board.”

How StrongBoard Balance Works (per website):

StrongBoard Balance® has 4 individual compression springs situated between a base and a platform. The unique effect of StrongBoard Balance® is how the springs work once weight is applied. When a user stands on the board, the springs compress. The user’s body instantly searches for stabilization. Because of the force applied to the springs from the user’s body weight, StrongBoard Balance® will not allow stabilization to occur. Every muscle contracts in search of the stability it is used to on solid ground. As long as the user is on the board, compression in the springs will keep muscles in contraction the entire time.

So what are you waiting for go head out to their website to learn more about StrongBoard Balance®. Don’t forget after you check out to use the Coupon Code FIGHTBOOK for FREE Shipping anywhere in the US.

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By: Roberto Villa



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About StrongBoard Balance:
StrongBoard Balance is a one-of-a-kind, premiere balance platform for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Designed to complement and intensify users’ favorite workout routines, StrongBoard Balance’s patented ‘multi-spring technology’ provides full-body fitness to increase muscle activation and calorie burn. As a portable and electricity-free platform, it allows users to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises. Paired with a licensed physical therapist, StrongBoard Balance aids in the recovery of many injuries created by imbalance. It gently increases the patient’s flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Over time and with repeated use, exercising with StrongBoard Balance helps rebuild the bridge between the brain and the injured muscle. As users regain strength and decrease the pain associated with the injury, their range of motion increases allowing for increased blood flow and further healing. For more information, visit

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