FightBookMMA caught up with Shandra Sisneros ahead of her MMA debut on Sat. 27th

Rio Rancho, NM (Wed, January 23, 2017)– Before Shandra Sisneros steps in the cage to make her amateur MMA debut at GOLDEN FIGHTS: CAGE WARS 31 – BRAGGING RIGHTS which will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the Two Rivers Convention Center. Shandra sat down and caught up with CEO of FightBookMMA Roberto Villa to talk about her journey leading up to her fight and what she has planned in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me Shandra. For the fans out there, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 28 years young and getting younger. I’m from a very small town in CO known as Rangely CO I grew up there and it will always be home. I currently live in Vernal UT cuz of the oilfield and my boyfriend’s job. I have two kids and two-step kids, 4 dogs, two goats and a cat that keep me on my toes. I work full-time for a wonderful company and next to that and training/ working out, I’m a full on soccer mom between my daughters ballet and my sons football, soccer, baseball and wrestling. I’m always going somewhere for them or for me!!! My son will even go workout with me so he can get better at his sports and as for my daughter she is a princess!!!

You have a very busy schedule with that said, where do you train at?

Currently I’m training with Daniel Stratton in Vernal UT at extreme wrestling. Previously I was training with Andrew Yates at Golden fights out of Grand Junction CO.

How did you get the opportunity to be on this card on Saturday?

Andrew Yates gave me a call knowing I was still training and asked if I wanted a fight on his card and I took the opportunity he offered me.

Are you planning on making MMA a full-time career?

I would like too…

That’s great to hear. Alright Shandra going to ask you three rapid questions.

Favorite food?

Pizza and Wings (laughs)

Favorite movie?

Night of the Roxbury!!

Last one and one that I like to ask. If you can fight anyone past or present who would it be and why?

If we are talking UFC I would say Paige Vanzant because I like her fighting style she is good at keeping the pressure and a great grappler!!

Paige is a tough fighter good choice. After this fight on Saturday, what can we expect from you in the near future?

This is definitely not the last time I fight!! I will get in the cage again

Glad to hear that you want to keep going even if you win or lose. Shandra who is your favorite Cage Fighter that you look up to and why?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk I just love watching her!! She is one of my all time favorites to watch!!

Joanna is an extraordinary athlete what a better fighter to pick. How do you feel about your accomplishments so far, and it could be about anything you want to talk about.

Honestly I started this for my son he was struggling with self-confidence one day we were at wrestling practice and he was having a hard time and wanted to quit. I wanted him to see me and know if you put your mind to anything you can accomplish anything. He is my biggest fan next to my daughter he gives me some of the best advice, and watches me every practice not giving up and pushing through it!!

I love that your putting a good example for your kids especially your son. Kids now a days need to look up to someone they trust and what better way than their parents. 

Shandra again thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Are there any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out the floor is yours?

Yes.. My girl Margot at Cucu Leather, Chad at Naters cuts, Tim at NLK9 instincts, Quinn at extreme wrestling, the wonderful company I work for Brady Trucking, of course FightBookMMA. My coach Daniel Stratton and last my family Justin-Braydin-Nina-Faith-Kaiden without them and there support and love I couldn’t do this!!

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