FIghtBookMMA talks to Bonafyde MMA Fighter Chiekwe Nwokoji

Monday December 15, 2015– Smmack Combat Management and Bonafyde Mma Fighter Chiekwe Nwokoji will be making his pro debut at 125 pounds on February 12, 2016 in Nashville TN. With an amateur record of 7-1 we are sure to see big things coming in the future. Born in Louisiana, Chiekwe is proud of being a Nigerian descent.

FightBookMMA recently sat down and talked with Chief Chiekwe Nwokoji. Check out what he had to say about his journey as a fighter and who his inspiration is.

What can fight fans expect out of one of his fights?

“A knock out, explosiveness, technique, heart and a win.”

How did you get into MMA?

“Well I was always in trouble getting into fights at the age of 5 whether my fault or not I always won. Then we started hosting a local Friday night fights and Boxed a kid name Colton Vickers, showed skill and a parent told me I can be good a combat sports so when Kimbo made the UFC that was the changing point for me that I can beat some of those guys”

What’s your favorite aspect of MMA?

“I like it all, been wrestling since 14 but love to give people what they wanna see which most of the time stand up.”

Do you have a stand out moment or fight in your career?

“When I was living in Vegas and I was trying to get a fight quietly just waiting for my coach to call my name and when he did and I fought,  I got a 12 sec ko in the Palms. To me those two months preparation I was focused and gave it 120%”

Do you have any fighters you are inspired by?

“Bruce Lee just inspires me not to be only a fighter but to think about martial arts and the art. Felix Trinidad for his boxing techniques and heart. Floyd for just his preparation and devotion to combat sports”

Check him out on Facebook to follow his journey to becoming a champion.


By: Korey Lane
(Video Courtesy of OfficialChiefNwokoji)



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