Announce Chicago-based Trainer/manager Rick Ramos As New Head Of Female Boxing Operations Division, one of the fastest-emerging boxing-media companies in the world, proudly announces the appointment of well-known trainer/advisor/manager Rick Ramos as their Director of Female Boxing Operations.

The outspoken owner and operator of Body Shot Boxing Club in his native Chicago for the past 16 years, Ramos is perhaps best known for his expert handling of two-weight female world champion Jessica McCaskill and his passionate advocacy for opportunities for all his fighters, often by way of amusing but effective callouts on social media. Ramos was also named 2019 and 2021 “Coach/Manager of the Year” for females by The Ring Magazine.

“I had an idea to work with females only and create a league like the UFC, but in female boxing, so I pitched it to Patrick Oakes (CEO of and he fully supports the idea,” explained Ramos.

Ramos says he decided to switch from an amateur boxer to a gym owner when he saw the need for proper training and true guidance of fighters in The Windy City. A successful broker on the Chicago Board of Options floor at the time, the now a retired 45-year-old Ramos says after working informally for several male fighters in the area, he spotted a raw talent one day at the gym.

“My male fighters were distracted and started slipping,” recalled Ramos. “But meanwhile Jessica (McCaskill) was dominating the amateurs. I said ‘Hey, Jess… do you want to turn pro?’ and she said ‘Yeah!’ Nobody believed in female boxing at the time. Even (McCaskill’s former promoter Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing) Leon didn’t want to do it, so I called (Warriors Vice President and long-time Chicago associate) Dominic Pesoli. I said ‘Dom give me a shot. I believe Jessica is for real.’”

Eventually, Margules relented and McCaskill has been on an upward trajectory ever since. With Ramos at the helm of her training and management, the “CasKILLA” McCaskill has gone on to become a two-weight world champion. McCaskill held the WBC & WBA Super Lightweight titles at 140lbs and is currently Undisputed at Welterweight (147lbs). More than half of McCaskill’s professional fights have been with a world title at stake.

It was Ramos’ expert handling of McCaskill that Oakes says made him the perfect candidate to head up their ambitious new women’s boxing division.

“We wanted to create a productive training environment for the right team of female boxers, said Patrick Oakes. “So we’ve hired one of the best, Rick Ramos, who has tremendous credibility as a trainer and manager of female boxers, as our Director and Talent Scout. If you have a male boxer, there‘s a known path to championships and big fights on TV. With women, it’s far more disjointed and varying path to that kind of success. We want to smooth that out by developing resources geared exclusively toward female boxing. We want to create a team of female boxers and give them more opportunities. A lot of the women have to find their way into the boxing world without any support at all.”

Ramos and Oakes say they’ve already signed two Chicago-based female fighters, undefeated welterweight Summer Lynn (6-0, 3 KOs) and once-beaten middleweight Olivia Curry (4-1, 2 KOs) to contracts and are currently looking for more talent.

“We’re looking to scout the best talent and bring them onto the team,” explained Ramos. “We plan to have a fight camp in San Diego this summer and assess each fighter’s talent level and marketability and form a team of female fighting stars.”

Oakes reports that will be opening additional training facilities in Florida, New York, and Chicago to match their existing spaces in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.


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