FightWorld 27 results

FightWorld 27 results

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: FightWorld MMA 27 is set to take place on Saturday, November 26, 2022, in Albuquerque, NM. The promotion makes its debut at a new venue called Revel Entertainment Center.

FightBook MMA will have your live results. This event will have fighters representing every active MMA school from the Albuquerque area on the card, along with others from the region.

In the main event, “Wreck-It” Randy McCarty fighting out of Las Cruces, NM will face Sidiah “Rolling Thunder” Parker fighting out of Blanding, Utah. In the co-main event, Henry “Boom Boom” Barahona fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico will meet Sherwin “The Genius” Price fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

FightWorld 27 Results (Fight Card and Order Subject to Change):

Main (Pro) Fight Card:

Sidiah Parker def. Randy McCarty via KO in Round 1, 00:26. Round 1: IF YOU BLINKED YOU MISSED IT. Sidiah lands a hard punch that knocks out Randy.

Sherwin Price def. Henry Barahona via neck crank in Round 3, 3:18. Round 1: Both fighters looking to land a clean shot but instead they end up in a clinch looking for control. They end up separating and continue to look for control. Again they end up against the fence in a clinch until the bell rings. Round 2: This round starts where round 1 ends in the clinch. They keep fighting for control until Price lands a hard jab that rocked Henry. What a chin Henry has! The round ends on the mat with both fighters looking for top control. Round 3: This round starts off with Price landing his shots. Barahona is able to take down Price but is unable to take top control. Price takes his back and turns him to take top control after a quick scramble, Price submits Barahona via neck crank.

Koery Windham def. Richard Jennings by TKO in Round 1, 1:00. Round 1: This round didn’t last as Windham was too much for Jennings. Windham lands some devastating elbows that hurt Jennings. The ref saw enough and stopped the fight.

Jon Sparks def. Brandon Trujillo via TKO in Round 1, 4:58. Round 1: This round started out just as we thought, fast-paced. Both fighters land their shots until they end up on the mat. With not much action from both fighters, the ref stands them up. They go toe-to-toe connecting their shots. Trujillo did land a solid punch to Sparks stumbling him on his feet but is able to recover quickly. They trade punches and Sparks is landing his punches and his knees and takes him to the mat and gets top control. Sparks uses his ground and pound until the ref saw enough and stopped the fight.

Preliminary (Amateur) Card:

Christopher Collins def. Roberto Esquinca via rear naked choke in Round 1, 1:08. Round 1: This fight didn’t last long as Collings takes down Roberto and takes his back and is able to sink in a rear naked choke.

Bobby Griego def. Xavier Martin by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-26, 29-27). Round 1: They start off the fight fairly quickly until Griego is able to take down Martin. They get back on their feet and Griego lands some vicious knees. He takes down Martin again controlling him on the mat until the bell rings. Round 2: Griego again takes control of this fight landing his knees until he takes Martin down and gets top control and kept him there until the bell rang. Round 3: Griego right away is able to take down Martin and gets a point taken away after hitting Martin in the back of the head. They start back up and again, Griego takes down Martin and takes control. He does land some punches but Martin is able to cover up until the bell rings.

Andrew Alvara def. Larry Yap by TKO in Round 2, 2:01. Round 1: No feel-out process for this fight. Both fighters throw everything they have and land most of them. A back-and-forth fight during this round and it could go either way. Round 2: Alvara starts to utilize his reach and starts landing his kicks. After a couple of kicks to the body, one lands to the kidneys and drops Yap to his knees and Alvara lands some punches until the ref stops the fight.

Julian Perez def. Greg Allen via KO in Round 1, 1:56. Round 1: Julian started off controlling this fight with his punches and his ground and pound, until, they are able to get back on their feet and Allen lands a clean punch as soon as Perez tried to throw a spinning back fist. Wow. What a KO!

Nicolas Delasalle def. Matthew Routzen by KO in Round 2, 1:34. Round 1: This fight started off quickly and they brought everything but the kitchen sink. Both fighters land their shots and both taking it the shots. Round 2: This round started off with both fighters trying to finish the fight. After a barrage of punches and kicking from both gentlemen, Delasalle was able to land two knees that knocked out Routzen.

Gregoire Seban def. Angel Rivas via guillotine choke Round 1, 2:03. Round 1: This round starts off with a feeling-out process. They do land some shots but not enough to hurt each other. They end up on the mat and with the scramble, Seban is able to sink in a choke, and Rivas taps.

Beau Velasquez def. Estevan Cortez via TKO in Round 3, 1:22. Round 1: This round started off with both fighters landing their shots, not really hurting each other. They kept a fast-paced fight. Round 2: This round started the way it ended. Both fighters land their shots. Beau is controlling the pace throughout the round. Round 3: Beau starts off the round landing his shots and again controlling the round. He lands a clean shot dropping Estevan and the ref stops the fight.

Larry Andrade def. Ellijay Lopez via TKO in Round 1, 1:15. Round 1: Larry had the answer coming into this fight. Connected his punches and took Lopez to the mat and utilized his ground and pound until the ref stopped the fight.

FightWorld MMA was created back in 2004 by renowned MMA coach Tom Vaughn of FIT NHB in Albuquerque, NM, and continues its legacy of building combat sports legends. These events could not be possible without promoter and matchmaker John Judy. FightWorld MMA has featured some of the most talented professional and amateur MMA fighters to ever come out of Duke City. Their impressive list not only features local fighters from the South West, but also includes some of the sports’ best-known fighters including UFC fighters Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means, Carlos “NBK” Condit, “The Angel of Death” Damacio Page, John Dodson, Thomas Schulte, Carlo Prater, and Fabian Maldonado just to name a few.

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