FightWorld MMA 20 Results

FightBook MMA has your results for FightWorld MMA 20. This event will take place in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, November 27, 2021, at Fit NHB Mixed Martial Arts Complex.

In the main event, we will see the FighWorld MMA Amateur Flyweight Title (130lbs) on the line as Hondo Gutierrez (2-0) fighting out of FIT NHB (ABQ) will take on Juwan Williams-Smith (3-2) fighting out of Roswell.

FightWorld MMA was created back in 2004 by renowned MMA coach Tom Vaughn of FIT NHB in Albuquerque, NM, and continues its legacy of building combat sports legends. FightWorld MMA has featured some of the most talented professional and amateur MMA fighters to ever come out of the Duke City. Their impressive list not only features local fighters from the South West, but also includes some of the sports best-known fighters including UFC fighters Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means, Carlos “NBK” Condit, “The Angel of Death” Damacio Page, John Dodson, Thomas Schulte, Carlo Prater, and Fabian Maldonado just to name a few.

FightWorld MMA is the longest-running MMA organization in what is widely considered the Mecca of mixed martial arts in Albuquerque, NM. Below you can find the complete and official results.

FightWorld MMA 20 Results (R-B):

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Amateur Flyweight Title Bout: Hondo Gutierrez vs. Juwan Williams-Smith

Round 1: Hondo dominates this fight taking Juwan to the mat and starts with a bunch of submissions attempts none sinking in as Juwan is able to defend them. Still, on the mat, Hondo takes top control and finishes the fight.

Winner: Hondo Gutierres by TKO at the 2:07 mark.

Flyweight Bout: Nicholas Gjelag vs. Dominic Rubalcava

Round 1: This round starts fast. Dominic in this round was the one setting the pace. They each land their shots but Dominic is the more aggressor.

Round 2: Dominic continues to set the pace landing his power shots. Nicholas can’t seem to find his range as Dominic is able to stick and move. They stay on their feet until the bell rang.

Round 3: This round took a turn when Nicholas takes down Dominic and starts dropping bombs until the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Nicholas Gjelag by TKO at the 2:50 mark

Catchweight (195 lbs.) Bout: Eric Silva vs. Andrew Alvara

Round 1: This fight ended quickly with Eric landing his punches until one drops Andrew, the fight continues with Eric landing more punches until the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Erick Silva by TKO at the 00:51 mark

Lightweight Bout: Estevan Cereceres vs. Estevan Cortez

Round 1: This round started fast and Cereceres took no time to finish this fight hurting his opponent and dropping bombs until the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Estevan Cereceres by KO at the 0:57

Bantamweight Bout: Julio Zapata-Marquez vs. Sam Walker bout canceled due to medical issues

Welterweight Bout: Ray Vaiza vs. Prudencio Hurbina

Round 1: If you blinked you missed it. Ray came in with a flying knee, landing his power punches, and ended the fight with a vicious knee.

Winner: Ray Vaiza by KO at the 27-second mark

Bantamweight Bout: Giovanni Rosado vs. Thomas Bui

Round 1: During this round, both fighters started landing their shots but Thomas had a slight advantage being able to stick and move and hurting his opponent’s leg.

Round 2: This round was nothing but action-packed, both fighters landing their power shots until Thomas takes Giovanni to the mat, starts landing his ground and pound, takes his back, and sinks in a rear-naked choke.

Winner: Thomas Bui via rear-naked choke at the 2:30 mark

Flyweight Bout: David Hudson vs. Alfredo Alvara

Round 1: As expected with the flyweights a very fast-paced fight. Both fighters exchange blows with David being the more aggressive fighter.

Round 2: This round starts quickly as expected, both landing their shots but David is controlling the fight landing more the power shots. Alfredo is taking these shots like a champ.

Round 3: Again, the fight continues just like the last 2 rounds. Landing their shots, but just like the last rounds David is controlling the fight, they end up on the mat with David having top control. Some action on the mat with Alfredo trying with some submission attempts until the bell rang.

Winner: David Hudson via unanimous decision

Flyweight Bout: Iyean Varela vs. RayAngelo Montoya

Round 1: After a quick exchange from both fighters, Iyean was able to take down RyaAngelo and keep top position. He starts using his ground and pound, RayAngelos is protecting himself as much as he can until the bell rang.

Round 2: This round started quick, a back and forth fight, both fighters landing their shots. Iyean takes RayAngelos back, goes to the mat and RayAngelo is able to reverse and they end up on their feet, trading shots until the bell rang.

Round 3: This round is waived with the winner by TKO Iyean Varela

Lightweight Bout: Francisco Romero vs. Raymundo Silva

Round 1: They started the round both landing their shots taking their time and picking and choosing their shots. It was a very active round.

Round 2: This round was pretty much the same way it went in Round 1. A lot of action.

Round 3: This round could go to either fighter. They were none stop and just throwing shots to see which one lands. The crowd was loving it as these fighters put on a show.

Winner: Franciso Romero wins by unanimous decision.

Bantamweight Bout: Ryan Wilkirson vs. Arturo Granado

Round 1: Arturo had full control of the fight connecting every shot, but Ryan was taking them and landing some of his shots.

Round 2: Arturo started this round by how he ended the first with full control of the fight until the fight ended with Arturo winning via TKO at the 18-second mark.

Catchweight (160 lbs.) Bout: Robert Skorheim vs. Evan Perez

Round 1: Both fighters started this fight quickly not wasting time each connecting with their attacks. After a back and forth ground game, Robert sinks in the rear-naked choke at 1:53.


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