FightWorld MMA 20 set for November 27

FightWorld MMA is the longest-running MMA organization in what is widely considered the Mecca of mixed martial arts in Albuquerque, NM, will host FWMMA 20. This event will take place in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, November 27, 2021, at Fit NHB Mixed Martial Arts Complex. FightBook MMA will have the live results come fight night.

In the main event, we will see the FighWorld MMA Amateur Flyweight Title (130lbs) on the line as Hondo Gutierrez (2-0) fighting out of FIT NHB (ABQ) will take on Juwan Williams-Smith (3-2) fighting out of Roswell. Hondo is coming into this fight with a win after defeating Alex Moher with an impressive Anaconda Choke in Round 2 at the 0:45 mark at KOTC: Legendary. Juwan is stepping into the cage with a loss against Jeff Baughman via Triangle Choke at WXC 82: Warrior Wednesday 7. Both fighters are hungry for a win and take home the FWMMA title.

FightWorld MMA was created back in 2004 by renowned MMA coach Tom Vaughn of FIT NHB in Albuquerque, NM, and continues its legacy of building combat sports legends. FightWorld MMA has featured some of the most talented professional and amateur MMA fighters to ever come out of the Duke City. Their impressive list not only features local fighters from the South West, but also includes some of the sports best-known fighters including UFC fighters Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means, Carlos “NBK” Condit, “The Angel of Death” Damacio Page, John Dodson, Thomas Schulte, Carlo Prater, and Fabian Maldonado just to name a few.

You don’t want to miss the 20th installment of FightWorld MMA. You can check out the fight card below and as always, fight card and bout order can change without notice.

FightWorld MMA 20 Fight Card:

  • FighWorld MMA AM Flyweight Title Bout 130lbs: Hondo Gutierrez (2-0) FIT NHB (ABQ) vs Juwan Williams-Smith (3-2) Independent (Roswell)
  • 205lbs: Roberto Esquinca (0-0) Wink Family Gym (ABQ) vs Andrew Alvara (0-0) Duke City MMA (ABQ)
  • 125lbs: Nicholas Gjelag (0-0) Jackson Wink vs Dominic Rubalcava (0-0) 10th Planet BJJ (El Paso)
  • 135lbs: Giovanni Rosado (0-1) DMA (Alamogordo) vs Thomas Bui (0-0) FIT NHB (ABQ)
  • 155lbs: Francisco Romero (0-0) FIT NHB (ABQ) vs Raymundo Silva (0-0) Wink’s Family Gym (ABQ)
  • 135lbs: Sam Walker (1-0) FIT NHB (ABQ) vs Julio Zapata-Marquez (0-1) Bone Crusher (Las Cruces)
  • 170lbs: Prudencio Hurbina (0-3) Independent (ABQ) vs Ray Vaiza (3-6) Sandoval Fighting Systems (ABQ)
  • 160lbs: Evan Perez (0-0) Duke City MMA (ABQ) vs Robert Skorheim (0-0) Sandoval Fighting Systems (ABQ)
  • 155lbs: Estevan Cortez (0-0) Independent (Taos) vs Estevan Cereceres (1-0) FIT NHB (ABQ)
  • 125lbs: Alfredo Alvara (0-0) Duke City MMA (ABQ) vs David Hudson (2-3) DMA (Alamagordo)
  • 135lbs: Arturo Granados (0-0) Duke City MMA (ABQ) vs Ryan Wilkirson (0-1) Baca Boys (ABQ)
  • 125lbs: Iyean Varela (0-0) Sandoval Figthing Systems (ABQ) vs RayAngelo Montoya (0-0) Perez Fighting Systems (Belen)
  • 185lbs: Eric Silva (0-1) FIT NHB (ABQ) vs Isaiah Narvaiz (0-1) DMA (Alamaogordo)
  • 200lbs: Miguel Beltran (0-0) FIT NHB (ABQ) vs Andy Molina (0-0) Bone Crusher (Las Cruces)
  • 145lbs: Denis Actes (3-4) FITNHB (ABQ) vs Richard Jennings (5-4) DMA (Alamagordo)
  • 170lbs: Ty Miller (3-1) FITNHB (ABQ) vs TBD
  • 205lbs: Christopher Collins (1-0) Duke City MMA (ABQ) vs TBD
  • 125lbs: Francisco Dominguez (6-3) FITNHB (ABQ) vs TBD


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